All About Parabens

All About Parabens

Parabens... sounds like a dirty word to you? It actually sounds that way to many people, but why? What do you know about parabens? Have you read the skin creams that say "paraben free" and just feel safer using those creams? Well, it may actually shock and surprise you that a lot of parabens aren't actually bad for you in small doses, like the ones in some skin care and personal products. So, here we are to educate you on them. Continue to keep your eyes peeled as we give you facts all about parabens. 

 Are they a Problem?

 Are Parabens truly a problem to us? The answer is a little bit of both actually. When these preservatives first became part of cosmetics and skin care products, there were a lot of skeptics who claimed that parabens are horrible for the skin. The research was done on animals and scientists were giving them 100% doses of these preservatives. They were using amounts that are not in products now. For example, a lotion that contains parabens contains less than 1% of the suggested amount. 


Another interesting fact that you may not know is that your skin is more resilient than you think. Parabens, when used in these products, doesn't get absorbed into the skin. Why? Your skin actually helps to put up a type of barrier if it senses ingredients that are not good for your body. With this barrier up, your body only take in the ingredients that will not hurt it. This is why we need to take much better care of our skin, it protects us from quite a lot. 

Most Parabens Are Safe

Parabens are preservatives that help to keep our products safe from fungi and bacteria. What would we do if we knew that bacteria was getting in our deodorant or toothpaste? Would it scare you? Most people wouldn't want to even think about that! Parabens can cause problems to hormones if they are taken in at 100% of the dosage suggested. No one uses that much, therefore, they are completely safe for us. 

Keep up with the information on ingredients in cosmetics and skin care products. We want to hear what you want to know more about! Please let us know what we can do to help you learn more about these ingredients and about skin care products. 

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