Ingredient Focus on Sorbitol

Ingredient Focus on Sorbitol

As we start to age, we will start to notice a lot of changes to our skin. This is when we start buying up all of the anti-aging products we can find to see which ones work the best for us. When you grab those products, take a close look at the ingredients. Do you see sorbitol? If you do, you may be concerned about what it is and what it can do to your skin. We want to help you out with this and educate you on what sorbitol is and what it does to and for your skin. We will also let you know how safe it actually is. Keep reading the ingredient focus on sorbitol. 

What is sorbitol?

Sorbitol is much like glycerin because it is also considered a humectant. It can also be used as a thickener for skin care products. It is a sugar alcohol that comes from seaweed, fruits, and corn. Most of the time when you see the word sorbitol in ingredients, it most likely has come from corn. That is the most popular way to extract it. Sorbitol is known for preventing the loss of moisture in the skin. It is also 100% completely safe for your skin. That is why we use it in one of our most popular products: the hydrating mask. 

The Hydrating Mask from Swiss Botany

 Our hydrating mask is used to hydrate the skin and to make your skin much softer. This mask can also be used if you feel your skin needs a new look to it. The healthy glow that this can give your skin is one of a kind and you will be excited about the results that you see. The hydrating mask can be used by any skin type. It helps to plump up the skin, along with getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles. This mask can do it all and remember it has one of our favorite ingredients in it: sorbitol! 

If you are ready to try the hydrating mask, you can find it on our website. You can even find our blogs there that can help you with more tips on specific ingredients and products.