Myths About Acne

Myths About Acne

Acne plagues millions of people everyday. Are you looking for help with your acne? If you have tried everything, you may be following some of the myths about acne that you have heard. There are actually a lot of myths that actually could be making your skin worse! If you have heard wive's tales about acne, chances are, they are just not true. Here are some of the myths about acne that could be impacting your life as you know it. 

 Dirty Skin is Causing Your Acne

If this myth were true, once you washed your face, your acne would vanish! We would like to explain this myth and let you know that just washing your face is not a way to get rid of your acne. We wish it were that simple. When people hear this myth, they immediately will start washing their skin to the point that it is unhealthy. When you wash your face so much, your skin will start to become dry and flaky and could ultimately lead to having more acne. Cleaning your face is important to do daily, but too much of it can really hurt your skin. 

 Eating Chocolate is the Reason You Have Acne

This is truly one myth that we want to debunk! We will take our chocolate! If you love chocolate the way we do, you will love that this myth is just that: a myth! Chocolate is not a cause for acne, but many doctors believe that sugar is. Stick with a lower sugar and chocolate intake, but don't worry that it is the main reason that you have acne. There has got to be something else going on with your skin. 

 Acne is For Teenagers

This is another myth that we wish were true. Acne can come into your life at any age. In fact, during certain changes in your body, as you age, you may be struck with acne. Many women are struck with acne during their monthly periods and some will not have it any other time. Acne just decides to creep in uninvited sometimes. 

Taking proper care of your skin is important, but when it comes to acne, make sure that you get all the facts. Don't listen to the myths and wive's tales.