Myths About Alcohol

Myths About Alcohol

Alcohol is in pretty much everything that we put on our faces. Is it safe? Why does it get a bad name? There is actually a lot of great information about alcohol in skincare products that you should know. If you are curious, and we know you are, stay here to read the myths about alcohol.

The Truth About Alcohol

When we talk about alcohol in cosmetics and skincare products, we don't want you to be afraid of it. In fact, many researchers want you to fully embrace that alcohol is going into your skincare products. Why? What about the bad name it has gotten from other researchers? It seems that the truth is out there and we want you to know it! First and foremost, if alcohol is the main ingredient in your skincare products, it is not a good sign. A very high dose of alcohol isn't good for anyone's skin! There are many types of alcohol and not all of them can hurt your skin. It is important to know what they are and what they are doing to your skin. 

 Fatty alcohols are in quite a few different products and these are known as beneficial and non-irritating ingredients for skincare products. These are the main ingredients in products when you do see the term alcohol in the ingredients. If the words cetyl, stearyl, and cetearyl are listed, you can rest assured that these alcohols are good for your skin. 

How Alcohol Can Hurt Your Skin

You must be aware of what type of skin you have in order to decide if using products with alcohol in them is truly beneficial for your skin. Many of us suffer from oily skin. One rule of thumb for using alcohol on your oily skin is not to! Alcohol can actually cause your skin to be much oilier and cause breakouts. If you are looking for products for oily skin, stir clear of any with alcohol in the ingredients. 

If you have dry and normal skin, alcohol is safe to use on your skin. Check for the beneficial alcohols and you should be good to go!