The Benefits Kiwi Fruit Extract

The Benefits Kiwi Fruit Extract

Many anti-aging products have started to add Actinidia chinensis into their products. What is this? It is actually kiwi fruit extract and it can work some miracles on your skin! If you have seen these anti-aging products with kiwi fruit extract in them, you may be curious about what it can do for you. Here are some facts about the benefits of kiwi fruit extract.

 Antioxidants and Vitamins

Kiwi fruit is one of the tastiest fruits we can eat. It is also very good for us. In fact, it is good for our skin too. Kiwi fruit extract is being used in skin care products because of the many vitamins and antioxidants that it contains. These antioxidants help to protect your skin from the pollution in the environment and the sun's harmful UV rays. 

Due to the high levels of vitamin C in kiwi fruit extract, it helps your skin to heal much faster and with very little scaring. This also helps to keep your skin firm and tight, which helps to fight against early signs of aging. The benefits of kiwi fruit extract go on and on! It is also great for exfoliating your skin and helping your skin cells to regenerate. What can't this amazing extract do?! 

There are many products that are now using kiwi fruit extract as an ingredient, but we love to use kiwis in some anti-aging smoothies! That's right! The more kiwi we eat, drink, or apply to your skin, the younger and healthier you will look and feel! If you are ready to try some yummy smoothies that have kiwi in them, we have some great recipes for you on our website. Keep eating your kiwi and keep using it on your skin!


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