10 Uses for Dragons Blood Gel

10 Uses for Dragons Blood Gel

Are you still confused about the benefits of the Dragon’s Blood Gel? Come on board as we clear your doubts with 10 uses for Dragon’s Blood Gel.


Swiss Botany Dragon’s Blood Gel

The Dragon’s Blood Gel from Swiss Botany is a unique formula designed to replace the filler procedure naturally. This fantastic Gel is made with all natural ingredients that have been proven to help restore the youthfulness of your skin. The primary active component of the Gel, Croton Lechleri is a resin extract from Northern Australia with so many rejuvenating properties.

10 Uses for Dragon’s Blood Gel

The Dragon’s Blood Gel can be used in the following ways:

Aging Lines

The primary function of the Swiss Botany Dragon’s Blood Gel is to reduce the actions of age on the skin naturally. The Gel will help you overcome fine lines around your mouth, wrinkles and every other facial aging line. For quick results, you can use the Gel alongside our Swiss Botany Wrinkle Wand to specifically tackle wrinkle lines.

Serves as Natural Filler

You can now tighten the face of your skin naturally by using the Swiss Botany Dragon’s Blood Gel. This product will help tighten your skin, leaving it firm and fresh.

Helps Remove Crows Feet

Regular use of the Swiss Botany’s Dragon Blood Gel helps eliminate crow’s feet and aging lines from the forehead and at the back of the hands. These unwanted signs of aging can be adequately addressed with the use of the Dragon’s Blood Gel.

Great Moisturizer

You can instantly moisturize the skin of your face using the Dragon’s Blood Gel. The Gel contains unique botanical extracts that sink deep into your pores and hydrates your skin.

Swiss Botany Dragon’s Blood Gel


Protects Your Skin

The Dragon’s Blood Gel helps protect your skin by providing a barrier that acts like a “second skin.” The Gel also promotes the functions of your natural defense system of the body.

Fights Off Environmental Impact on the Skin

You can protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV radiations and environmental pollution using the Dragon’s Blood Gel. The Gel contains active antioxidants that fight off oxidative stress from environmental pollution.

Rejuvenates Your Skin

The Gel is used to bring back your youthful skin by repairing damaged skin cells and improving the physical appearance of your skin.

Instantly Clears Your Eye Bags

Do you want to quickly get rid of those sad eyes that pop up unannounced early in the morning? A quick application of the Swiss Botany’s Dragon’s Blood Gel is all you need to get your eyes back in shape. If you have very dark eye bags that won’t go away smoothly, you can use the Gel twice a day for long-term effects. You can also combine the Gel with the Swiss Botany Retinol Serum for fast results.

Treats Your Skin

The Gel helps you take care of stretch marks, minor scars, and redness and skin irritations.

Natural Filler for Lips

You can use the Dragon’s Blood Gel on your lips to remove old layers of skin and revive your lips. When used 2-3 times every day on the lips, the gel will help moisturize your lips, leaving it plump and shimmering.

You can visit our blog to learn more about the Dragon’s Blood Gel.


  • Admin

    Hello Sonia!
    To apply the Dragon’s Blood Gel, all you have to do is pump a few drops onto your fingers and rub gently onto the face.
    The skin feels smooth and the second layer means that the dragon’s blood will protect your skin from harmful toxins, acting as a barrier. It is a soft, comfortable gel and isn’t oily or greasy. We definitely recommend you give it a try to look and feel great!

  • sonia simkins

    how is the dragon blood gel applied, and does one feel the tightening immediately. how does skin on face feel

    Please clarify what you mean by a second skin… does this gel create a similar tightness as would plexaderm serum

    thank you… anxiously awaiting your reply to understand the sensation one feels on the face after application

  • Misty

    Hey Patricia,
    Thank you again for reading our posts and being so excited about our products. We appreciate all of the feedback! I wanted to let you know that we have posted some blogs about the Swiss Apple Serum for older skin. Please let me know if that helps! Thank you again!

  • Patricia E Brooks

    I am a youthful 73 years old and I have been using your Dragon’s Blood Gel for a few weeks and have noticed a marked difference in my sadly sagging facial skin. If there are any other suggestion you have for me, please let me know. Thank you. Wish I could dip my whole body into this stuff – ha.

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