Skin care while flying

Skin care while flying

If you travel on a regular basis flying can cause skin to dry out and breakout especially if your flight was stressful like my recent experience with Emirates where I was unfortunately seated between a group of drunk passengers who were served alcohol throughout the whole 6 hour flight even though they were disrupting other passengers .

Whenever the environment you are in is stressful as well as moisture-free (as with recirculated air in a plane cabin), the air actually draws moisture from wherever it can. Airplane travel is different than any other form of travel because of the recycled air surrounding you on the trip and because of the high altitude so you need to give your skin a head start by applying a moisturizing mask the night before travel. Try our hydrating mask  or make a mask of your own using, jojoba oil, aloe, olive oil and other nourishing ingredients. Use very little makeup . The dryer your skin becomes, the higher the risk of your makeup looking patchy and dry. Avoid the heavy foundations and powders. Use a nourishing moisturizer and perhaps a BB or CC cream which are more moisturizing than most foundations, then feel free to use an  or other non-drying eye shadow, and a moisturizing lip gloss or balm.

We are encouraged To get enough sleep, bring ear plugs, a sleep mask to cover your eyes. Unfortunately neither of these worked on the Emirates flights as the cabin crew didn't seem to care that I was being kept awake by drunk passengers. My advice is to do your research before choosing who you fly with as a stress free environment is just as important as keeping your skin hydrated.

Hydrate when flying

Alcohol is an obvious no-no as this will dehydrate you much quicker in a moisture-free environment so make sure drink plenty of water throughout the flight.

Be kind to airline staff.  Be the person that greets them with a smile even if not reciprocated remember, travel issues like my recent experience with Emirates make for good stories later.

If you feel that your rights have not been respected on a recent flight or in the future, first contact the transport company like I did. Under EU law, mechanisms to handle passenger complaints are to be put in place by carriers and terminal operators. If you are not satisfied which happened in my case with their response then contact the National Enforcement Body. In the UK contact 

Passenger Complaints Unit Civil Aviation Authority CAA House 45-59 Kingsway London WC2B 6TE Tel: +44 20 7453 6888 Fax: +44 20 7240 7071


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