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2 Moist Reasons To Try Organic Facial Cleanser

September 04, 2019 2 min read

2 Moist Reasons To Try Organic Facial Cleanser

Do you need to naturally clean your face, but feel like every facial cleanser you try just dries out your skin?

Do you have questions about facial cleansers and which ones leave your skin silky instead of sandpapery?

Well, look no further because this article will share two true honey-cleanser stories that you can use to avoid those ultra drying soaps...


Avoid using heaps of moisturizers and lotions after every wash.

Melissa's Story

I'd been searching for a new facial cleanser for about a year...

But the problem was that the most effective cleansers...

...the ones that got off all of my makeup with ease and cleaned out my pores...

Were also the ones that would leave my face so dry it would crack if I smiled too hard.

I'd tried a few "honey" cleansers, and they smelled GREAT...

But didn't really work very well.

I tried out the Organic Facial Cleanser from Swiss Botany expecting that it wouldn't work (just like all the others)...

But to my surprise, it did!

It completely removed my makeup and left my skin soft and hydrated.

I've been using it daily for about a month, and it's the best one I've found!

Isabel's Story

I already had a great exfoliating cleanser, but it was too strong for daily use.

I needed something that I could use every day without drying out my skin.

I always hated how my skin would get so dry after a wash...

So dry that I looked like I had facial dandruff.

Even worse, I have combination skin.

That means I really struggled to find a product that could hydrate my dry patches and clean my oily spots at the same time.

Then I found the Organic Facial Cleanser by Swiss Botany.

I used it for the first time at night...

And my face felt refreshed...

(No tingly, dry, "stretched" feeling at all.)

The next day I used it again, and I saw some small red spots on my face.

(I think they were pimples, but that's normal when you use a good cleanser for the first time. It means it's doing its job!)

True enough, all the red spots were gone by Day 2.

Now, even when I use the Organic Facial Cleanser twice a day...

The oily patches are less oily...

And the dry patches are better hydrated.

There is no tightness in it.


Both Melissa and Isabel used the Organic Honey Facial Cleanser morning and night for over a month and found that their skin was hydrated, soft, and smooth.

If you've had trouble with cleansers drying out your skin, and you feel like you've tried everything else and nothing has worked...

Then the way they helped their skin might be the way you can get the results you're looking for!

So, if you're like Melissa and Isabel, here's what you need to do...

Step 1 – Click Here to Order the Organic Facial Cleanser...


Step 2 – Try it out for at least a month and post your results in the comments!

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