3 Critical Eye Gel Questions Every woman Should Know The Answers To

3 Critical Eye Gel Questions Every woman Should Know The Answers To

Do you It's that there is a natural treatment for eye gel? It's our Dragon's Blood Gel, and it's fantastic! You can also use it as a temporary treatment for eye bags one those days when you don't get enough sleep (and you look it).

But did you know that we also have an eye gel designed for long term benefits to your eyes? A gel that may help diminish dark circles, reduce puffiness, and restore firmness?

Or, if you're tired of hearing people say...

"You look tired."

When you AREN'T tired...

Then keep reading to learn the answers to the top questions about our new Vitamin C Eye Gel and how it can help you look younger, happier, and sexier.

Question #1 – How do I use it?

This is important, especially if you plan to use a Vitamin C Eye Gel correctly. The skin around our eyes is very sensitive, which means you have to be extra careful when applying beauty products.

We recommend you apply it in the morning before applying make-up and then again before bed after you remove your make up. Using your middle finger, gently pat a small amount of Swiss Botany's Vitamin C Eye Gel in a 'C' formation starting above the eye on the brow bone and come down around the outer edge of the eye and under the eye.

Question #2 – How do I get rid of my skin problems?

There are several skin conditions you can have, primarily related to the skin around the eyes. The secret is to add products to your skincare routine that are designed specifically for your eyes. 

If you want to deal with problems you have with the skin around your eyes, you should always follow a complete skincare routine. Wash your face twice a day, especially before going to bed. Also, we recommend you use the Vitamin C Eye Gel to prevent discomfort or additional damage to the sensitive skin around your eyes. 

Question #3 – How do I get results faster?

Our recommendation is to apply a Vitamin C Eye Gel to the area under your eyes in the morning before putting on your make-up. Then apply it again after you take off your make up but before going to bed. Using this gel twice a day will help your skin feel refreshed and help remove skin issues such as puffiness, sagging, or under-eye circles. Also, use it daily (not off and on).


If you need help getting rid of dark circles, puffiness, sagging, extreme dryness, wrinkles, or crows' feet without using harsh chemicals... 

Then the Vitamin C eye gel is the best solution for you. It will decrease puffiness, restore firmness, and promote a healthy-looking appearance.

Here is what you need to do...

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Step 2 – Post Your Results (Or Questions) In The Comments Below!

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