3 Important Tips For A Better Skincare Routine

3 Important Tips For A Better Skincare Routine

Have you been looking for a better skincare routine? Look no further! We have 3 essential tips below that can help you create a better skincare routine that fits your needs. Having a good skincare routine can help prevent wrinkles and even reduce them (especially if you use Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum)

Better skincare routine

Ever wonder how you can keep their skin looking its best even with all the negative things that happen to us each day. Stress, sun exposure, and poor nutrition all contribute to our skin looking older faster. But we know that some people can stay looking young even though they are now considered "old." How do they do it? 

While genetics and environment do play a role, there is something that all of them have in common. Do you know what it is?

I'll tell you...

They have a consistent skincare routine.

Consistent skincare routines are the secret behind how so many celebrities can keep their faces looking youthful for decades. 

But, you say,

"I already have a skincare routine!"

Well, maybe...

But there might be a few easy ways we can get you a better skincare routine. 

Are you ready for the tips?


Here they are!

1 – Do it at night.

Having a consistent NIGHTLY skincare routine will do wonders for your skin. Most people do the majority of their skincare in the morning. Why? Because they are getting ready for work or want to look nice for the day ahead. While this preparation is essential, morning isn't the best time for complete skincare because we are all so busy in the mornings. 

2 – Wash your face with warm water 

Washing your face with WARM water helps increase your skin's temperature. Why does that matter? Well, warmer skin makes the blood in your face move a bit faster and easier. This means your skin can absorb the products you put on your face more quickly, more easily, and more efficiently. This, in turn, means that whatever product you put on your skin will be more effective if you use it after you wash your skin with warm water. 

3 – Apply products before your skin completely dries

Applying products to slightly damp skin is an essential component of better skincare routines. Why? Because damp skin absorbs treatments better and faster than dry skin. The is especially vital with premium products like the Swiss Botany Apple Stem Cell Serum because damp skin allows the serum to get into the pores more rapidly and more deeply. Since pore reduction is a significant benefit of the Apple Stem Cell Serum, having slightly damp skin before you use it can significantly increase its effectiveness.


Having a consistent, nightly skincare routine where you wash your face with warm water, and they apply each product to slightly damp skin can seem simple, but I can have profound effects on how youthful your skin looks. Using the Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum as part of this better skincare routine will make it (and almost any other product) more effective which means your skin will look more youthful with less effort so you can feel confident in what you are doing.

If you already have an awesome skincare routine like this one...

Or you're going to start a better skincare routine after reading this article...

Click on the image below to check out our Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum.

You'll be amazed at how quickly it can improve your skin when used inside of an excellent skincare routine like this one!

What that helpful?

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