3 Little-Known Uses Of Dragon's Blood Gel

3 Little-Known Uses Of Dragon's Blood Gel

Do you ever wonder about the best ways to naturally improve your skin?

Dragon's blood is a rare ingredient that can help you improve the overall appearance of your skin. Dragon's Blood Gel by Swiss Botany contains a proprietary formula that maximizes the beneficial effects of Dragon's blood and provides a convenient solution to long-term skin care. While many people use our products to reduce or remove crows feet, smile lines, and even reduce skin inflammation, below are 3 little-known uses of Dragon's Blood Gel that you can start doing right now. 

Can you guess what they are?

1) Uneven skin color

Many people use makeup to cover up specific blemishes on their skin. Breakouts, scars, and age spots can cause embarrassment, but what would you do if your entire skin tone changed from one part of your face to another?

Read Liberty's story about her uneven skin tone.

Liberty was embarrassed by her uneven skin color and would camouflage it with extra foundation and creams. She tried a lot of other creams and lotions but none of them worked. Then she found Dragon's Blood Gel. Within just 4 weeks, her skin color became more even and she was able to use less makeup. She feels more confident and recommends only using one pump per day. Two pumps for her face and throat was too much!

2. Neck wrinkles

While highly visible areas like crows feet and forehead lines are the main focus of most Dragon's Blood Gel users, one area that also benefits a lot is the area under the chin. As we age, skin around our neck tends to sag and stretch. Our proprietary formula in our Gel helps tighten and smooth wrinkles and lines in your neck.

Read Joy's story about how she feels now...

Joy spent a lot of time having fun in the sun when she was younger but how has dry, wrinkly skin because of it. When she found Dragon's Blood Gel, she was excited because it had such a soft smell and didn't interfere wit her perfume. Her skin now feels softer and has fewer wrinkles.


Dragon's Blood Gel

3) Dry Heels

Do you love walking around in sandals?

For those of you who do, your heel tends to get really dry and wrinkly over time. Dragon's Blood Gel can be used daily to reduce those wrinkles and moisturize the skin, which means you'll feel more whole-body confidence.


Treating dry heels, wrinkly neck, and uneven skin color are 3 little known uses of our Gel. And don't forget, these are additional benefits beyond reducing or removing crows feet, reducing eye bags, and moisturizing your skin.

So if you're ready to improve your skin and reduce or remove those wrinkles,  Here's what you need to do...

Step 1 – Watch this video from Brenda as she tells her story


Step 2 – Click below to buy your first (or next) bottle of Dragon's Blood Gel today!

Dragon's Blood Gel

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