3 obstacles that keep women from using Dragon's Blood in their skincare routine & how to bypass them

November 02, 2019 3 min read

3 obstacles that keep women from using Dragon's Blood in their skincare routine & how to bypass them

Do you struggle with looking your best in the morning? 

Do you worry about how old those eye bags make you look?

If you're a woman who wants to bypass these dragon's blood barriers and push on to look more youthful and feel sexier, then read this immediately.

Barrier #1: Eye Bags 

If you're under 35, you might know them as 'panda eyes'... 

...(because they kind of do make you look like you've just managed to escape from a cage at the zoo)...

But eye bags are one of the first signs of aging and tiredness. The worst part is when you have them, but you aren't old or tired!  

Figuring out exactly how to get rid of your eye bags every day acts as a barrier to trying out new, beneficial products. A new product could be a trendsetting face cream or an eye-catching moisturizing gel like those produced by Swiss Botany. The fear of making your eye bags worse can stop you from acing a dewy-skinned look.


Because 99 percent of women are proven perfectionists. 

(Just ask your boyfriend who tried to fold your laundry that one time...) 

Trying to get things just right causes problems for women because they are so scared of failing, they don't even try in the first place.

Luckily, the Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel was designed for women just like you. It's been tested and proven effective for women of all skin types and ages. We're so sure that the Dragon's Blood Gel will help reduce your eye bags that we give you a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee!

Barrier #2: Crows Feet

There's another pesky blemish that ranks just behind eye bags in the facial imperfection Olympics. Namely: those troublesome crows feet. Crows feet are the collection of lines at the corner of your eyes when you smile. But how do you prevent them or get rid of them if they're already there? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Try to remember that no part of your skincare routine is 'a waste of time.' Even if banishing your eye bags is at the top of your to-do list. It's safe to say that minimizing your crow's feet usually comes in a close second. When we designed Dragon's Blood Gel, removing crows feet and fine lines around the mouth was our original goal. It's been so effective that our customer's started calling it "Nature's Filler," and the name stuck!

Barrier #3: Harsh chemicals

We've all seen the skincare ads that warn us about the dangers of harsh chemicals. And rightly so! Preservatives and petroleum-based ingredients can significantly dry out your skin and may be the cause of many of the skin problems you face. The Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel by Swiss Botany contains no preservatives or petroleum-based ingredients at all. So you can be confident of silky smooth skin all day long. 


Harsh chemicals, crows feet, and eye bags are all significant barriers to looking young and healthy. The Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel by Swiss Botany helps you overcome all of those barriers without harsh chemicals or surgery.

So, if you're ready to naturally remove your eye bags and eliminate your crow's feet...

All while avoiding harsh chemicals and surgery...

Here's what you need to do...

STEP 1 – CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR FIRST (OR NEXT) Bottle of Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel...


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