5 Awesome Tips On Aging Skin Care: Moisturizing

5 Awesome Tips On Aging Skin Care: Moisturizing

Ever thought how some people just never seem to age as quickly as you? Ever wished you knew some of their ‘secrets’?

For example, Pharrell Williams is one of those people who always look super young and has beautiful skin. That is not as hard to achieve at all, and here we are going to reveal how you can have it all too!

When it comes to aging there are certain factors that you cannot control at all, genetics for example - your own genetics will give you specific facial bone structure, which means eventually on certain places you will see the sagging skin after all

Taking care of your skin as best as possible is essential, the signs of aging do not always have to be entirely visible, but everyone ages, so do you.

What are the things you need to look for when it comes to aging skin care?

A good night’s sleep


Did you know that swapping your pillowcase every few days can have a  significant change in your skin? Swapping your pillowcase might be a great start to your new skincare routine.

When sleeping, try to sleep on your back instead of on your side - according to various researchers, sleeping on the side is a way of encouraging sagging skin and fine lines.

Try using a skincare product before going to bed, these can be a great way to minimize skin aging process. Make sure you are well informed about the products you use.

Do not over exfoliate your precious skin!

A regular and proper exfoliation is one of the most important steps to looking fresh and younger. Never use any rough products on your skin and make sure the products you use are as gentle as possible.

In case you over exfoliate your skin, it might become sensitive dry and dehydrated, the sun might cause damage to your skin and that will result in signs of aging too.




Keep hot showers as short as possible!

Hot showers are amazing, everyone loves them and they make us feel very cozy.  Did you know that using hot water in the shower can cause your skin to dehydrate extremely quickly? Long hot showers are also known for causing broken capillaries. There are a lot of mistakes that people tend to ignore in making hot showers.

Always use lukewarm water for cleansing and opening your pores, then cold water to rinse and tighten your skin.

Try to drink less alcohol!

Everyone likes to drink a cocktail or two every now and then, but these drinks might be actually extremely harmful to your skin.

Alcohol is a hepatotoxin which is known to damage our liver, the more of it you have the harder it will be for your body to maintain the clean and refreshing system.

Drinking is known to be very dehydrating for our skin, over time, your skin might appear less fresh and plump than usually.

Limited Sun Exposure

Sun is great for our body and our health but in normal doses. Sun usually causes loss of collagen and damages elastin in your body, this leads to many annoying wrinkles on the face and neck area. Limit your sun exposure because it can make your skin age faster.

 Too much sun exposure can also result in a skin cancer, rougher skin texture, and discoloration. In case you are in need to be on the sun entire day, due to work or anything else, try using a sunscreen with at least SPF 15 on your face, ears, and neck.

Good Anti-aging Regimen

It is always good to know that you can trust a product that gives you an instant fine line reduction.  Always go for products that contain natural ingredients that can make your skin looking flawless and younger like it never done before.

Have you tried changing your skin care routine? Do you see any positive results? Let us know!

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