5 Face Beauty Tips for Darker Skin

5 Face Beauty Tips for Darker Skin

Are you a woman with a darker complexion? Do you feel like you're in an industry that focuses on light skin? Here are 5 face beauty tips for darker skin.

Skin color has been changing constantly since the beginning of the history of human life. 

And no matter the skin color, we all wear makeup to enhance your beauty. 

But depending on the skin tone, there are different ways to use makeup for this reason.

Darker complexions may have a harder time finding makeup tips that are specifically created for them.

So if you have a darker complexion, we're here to give you five of the best face beauty tips for your skin color.

1. Moisturize

Women of all skin complexions can benefit from moisturizing. But if you have darker skin, forgoing a great face lotion can ruin your look.

And this is why applying a moisturizer is one of the first face beauty tips.

Dry skin and ashiness can show up even more prevalent when you have darker skin.

Combat this minor issue by making sure your skin is getting all the moisture it needs in your daily routine

2. Use Sunscreen

A darker complexion may mean that you don't sunburn as easily as lighter skinned pals. 

But that doesn't mean you should forget the SPF. Your skin, no matter how pigmented, will be protected by a good sunscreen.

Not using sunscreen can leave your skin unprotected. This can result in wrinkles and fine lines, aging your face. And yes, even the possibility of skin cancer.

Don't leave your complexion up to chance - get yourself some sunscreen! 

3. Match Your Foundation

If you have a naturally darker complexion, you probably don't need gobs of makeup to cover it up.

And in fact, you shouldn't. But you want to make sure that your foundation matches perfectly with your natural skin tone.

Before you buy, test out a little foundation on your face. 

Or if you aren't confident in your foundation choosing abilities, reach out to a professional makeup artist or salesperson who may be able to help you find the right shade.

4. Experiment with Color

Your beautiful dark complexion is the perfect palate to experiment with fun colors.

Eyeshadow colors like red, green, and gold will compliment your skin tone well. And they won;t show up as too stark or outrageous.

Don't stop with eyeshadow! Make sure you take advantage of beautiful orange and red colors that will compliment your lips as well. 

5. Lighten Up on the Powder

A setting powder can make your foundation stay put all day long. 

But with your darker skin tone, you don't want to get excessive with the face powder.

In fact, the setting powder can leave a very noticeable dusting of white on your face. Make sure you are using a translucent powder if you absolutely need to.

Put These Face Beauty Tips to Good Use

Your darker skin complexion means that you can experiment with fun lip and eye colors.

But it also means that you are still at risk for things such as sunburn and skin cancer. So make sure that you are including sunscreen in your daily routine.

You should also take care of your beautiful complexion by moisturizing daily. 

What are some other face beauty tips that you'd include on this list? Let us know in the comments. 

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