5 Facts About Hyperpigmentation

5 Facts About Hyperpigmentation

There are many things that you may think of when someone mentions hyperpigmentation. Some of them could be true, however, lots of them could be false or misleading. We’ve decided to come up with 5 facts about hyperpigmentation so that you can better understand the condition and how to deal with it.

  1. Hyperpigmentation is very common. Do you happen to have hyperpigmentation? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Hyperpigmentation is a very common skin condition that lots of people develop at some point in their life. It is well known and even though you haven’t heard of the fancy term for it, you might have it on your skin. In fact, you might have hyperpigmentation without even knowing!
  2. Freckles are a part of hyperpigmentation. To keep it simple, hyperpigmentation is really any dark patch on your skin that is uneven from the rest of the surrounding skin. This is a very general definition, but it is accurate so even things like freckles can be considered hyperpigmentation. Some skin conditions can be referred to as several different things, and hyperpigmentation can be one of them.
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  3. You weren’t born with it. This is a common misunderstanding that people have about hyperpigmentation. One thing to note is that you weren’t actually born with hyperpigmentation, even if you remember seeing dark patches of skin or freckles early on. Hyperpigmentation always forms onto the skin and is not a condition that is there by birth. It could be that your skin formed hyperpigmentation very early on, even when you were a young child, but to say that you were born with it is incorrect.
  4. Hyperpigmentation is considered harmless. While the skin condition sounds very intense and even scary, the reality is that hyperpigmentation is often a harmless disease. It usually doesn’t affect the skin too much other than causing discoloration on the skin, though this can still be annoying and unpleasant. But when it comes to impacting your health, you’re safe from hyperpigmentation affecting you negatively.
  5. Hyperpigmentation is treatable. That’s right, you heard correctly. You can definitely get rid of your hyperpigmentation or at least lower it down to a maintainable level. This is possible through the use of various creams or products that are specialized that target cells affected by hyperpigmentation and restore them to their natural color.

Among some of the best products to treat hyperpigmentation is our very own Symwhite Skin Lightening & Dark Spot Remover. This product is well known for lightening the skin effectively and getting rid of dark spots caused by hyperpigmentation. It can help fade dark patches until they are unnoticeable and completely gone. This product is very simple to use as well and keeps your skin looking light and youthful with an even skin tone.


The myths you had about hyperpigmentation should now be cleared up as we now know that it is very common, can include different skin conditions, are formed over time, usually harmless, and that it is curable. These are important facts to know so that you can treat your hyperpigmentation. To learn more about how your skin can become lighter, we recommend you read this article.

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