5 Myths About Skin Pores You Probably Believe

5 Myths About Skin Pores You Probably Believe

5 Myths About Skin Pores You Probably Believe

When you take a close up look at your skin, you'll see things you never noticed. Take a look at the 5 myths you've heard about skin pores that just aren't true.

Ladies, we all dream of perfect skin pores, don't we?

Just the right size, healthy, and clean!

In our quest for glowing skin, we've all drank the Kool-Aid and bought into various myths about our pores.

Are you tired of spending too much time doing all the wrong things? Well, it's time to bust these myths wide open, learn the truth and start doing the right things for your skin.

Myth #1 - Your Skin Pores Open and Close

Bet you've been told hot water opens your pores and cold water closes them. Not true.

Your pores are not sensitive to heat or cold.

Maybe you've been told you can steam your pores open. Not so much.

While steam can loosen your skin and make removing debris easier, it doesn't open your pores.

Pores don't close but they do become clogged. Excess oil, bacteria, or dead skin cells can form a blackhead over the pore. Wash your face at night and after you've been sweating to keep your pores clean.

Myth #2 - Blackheads Always Mean Clogged Pores

Take a look at the black dots on your nose. Blackheads, right?


They're actually fine hairs, also called sebaceous filaments. They're a combination of skin cells and sebum. They're not blackheads because they're not obstructing the follicular opening.

They're also not going anywhere. Squeeze to your heart's content, it won't help.

The best you can do is to control them. Use products with glycolic and salicylic acid to gently exfoliate.

Myth #3 - You Can Shrink Your Skin Pores, Permanently

Pore size is a big deal.

56% of women say they'd give up alcohol, dessert and possibly social media for a year if it would make their pores smaller.

Alas, your pores cannot be shrunk permanently.

Retinols can make pores look more refined. Prescription Accutane shrinks oil glands and dries out your skin, making pores look smaller. But that's only while you're taking it.

Protecting your skin from sun damage, avoiding overwashing, and using an exfoliating cleanser once-a-week make your pores appear smaller.

Myth #4 - Pores Get Larger as We Grow Older

large pores on face

This one's true.

Pores grow larger in most people at puberty. The collagen around pores thins out as we reach adolescence. This lets our pores relax and grow a bit.

As we grow into adulthood and beyond, we continue to lose collagen. This robs our skin of its elasticity and our pores stretch out. UV exposure accelerates the process.

Pimple popper?

Stop it! It can cause your pores to lose their shape.

Myth #5 - There's Nothing You Can Do about Your Skin Pores

Yes, they get bigger with age. No, you can't shrink them for good. No, they don't open and close.

But you can keep your pores unclogged, clean and healthy. Let's recap what we all can do each day to keep our pores looking great.

  • Wash with a mild cleanser at night and after sweating.
  • Use sunscreen with an appropriate UV rating when outdoors
  • Wash with an exfoliating cleanser once a week
  • Use retinols, like our Retinol Moisturizer Night Cream, to make pores appear more refined

Most of all, never give up on your dreams of perfect skin!


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