9 Winter Skin Care Tips to Keep Up the Perfect Glow

9 Winter Skin Care Tips to Keep Up the Perfect Glow

It may be cold outside, but your skin does not have to suffer. These winter skin care tips are all about moisture and a healthy glow. Read on and enjoy.

Are you the kind of person that goes all out for the holidays with cute winter clothes and all of the yummy hot drinks you can indulge in during this time of year?

This season is all about staying cozy and spending quality time pampering yourself and having fun with loved ones. But it's also about putting your skin through the ringer with the icy air. 

Nursing peeling, itchy, and dry skin can quickly become a top priority that takes over your usual care routines. But it doesn't have to be this way!

We at Swiss Botany get it. Skin care is important but it shouldn't be something you have to constantly worry about all day. 

So we've put together our favorite winter skin care tips to help you get through the winter in style.

Let's jump right into it!

9 winter skin care tips you'll want to try out this season

Having happy skin has a way of changing the way you can feel throughout the entire season!

As skin care experts, we hope you test out these winter skin care tips to transform your skin this winter season.

Drink tons of water

Getting enough water is important to keeping your body healthy throughout the year. 

Water can help us stay energized, avoid headaches, and keep our digestive system on track. 

But it's also the number 1 way to keep your skin in good shape all year round. Since winter is a tough season on the skin, it's especially important to up your water intake. 

Cold air makes your skin dry out and become more brittle. But water can help increase the thickness of your skin and the blood flow to the area. 


If your skin is dry in the winter, you're likely dealing with dead skin clinging to your already dry skin. 

You'll want to gently exfoliate your skin to allow healthy skin to gather all the moisture it needs. 

Start incorporating extra moisturizer early on

Have you ever heard the phrase: "prevention is the best medicine"? 

This is absolutely true for winter skin care– and that's why you'll want to begin moisturizing your skin before you get those uncomfortable symptoms of dry, winter skin.

Pick up your favorite lotion early in the fall and start your regimen then. As the season progresses, you can experiment with heavier lotions and hydrating masks to continue the care. 

Don't forget the rest of your body!

We often focus on our face when thinking about winter hydration.

But don't forget the rest of your body when you're moisturizing during the winter. 

People can get itchy winter skin on their arms, shoulders, stomach, and legs. 

There are tons of different products that allow you to focus hydration on different areas, but we recommend looking for natural moisturizers that really work to keep your skin soft throughout the day.

Avoid the temptation of long, hot showers

Okay– steamy showers in the dead of winter are heavenly. After coming home from a long day in the cold, it's almost like your bones are chilly so a hot shower is the best remedy, right? 

Hot and long showers can actually dry out your skin in the long run. And, in the winter, this is not the goal!

One of our favorite winter skin care tips includes taking a warm, short shower then opting for cuddling in with a soft, warm blanket afterward to get your dose of warmth.

It turns out that using hot water (though it feels great) can remove natural oils from your skin. If you've ever stepped out of your shower with red skin, you have already experienced some drying from the hot water. 

Bundle up

It's true that some of us are tempted to fight winter every step of the way and keep using our summer clothes with just a few extra layers.

Don't give the cold a chance to parch your skin. Dress for the occasion and protect your skin with your clothes.

This means wearing gloves, ear muffs, good coats, and scarves to protect your skin from the cold and the wind.

You'll even want to wrap a thick scarf around your face, covering your nose, cheeks, and throat, to prevent wind burn in the cold. 

Keep up with your sunscreen

Winter is usually associated with months of not seeing the sun.

Despite this, or despite seeing the sun while it's 30 degrees out, you'll want to keep up your sunscreen routine. 

You can still get sunburned in the winter and this will just add another layer to dry skin problems! Not to mention sunburns can increase your chances of skin cancer. 

Get a humidifier 

Winter pretty much means that humidity is going to be out of your life for a few months. This is great for keeping hair frizz at bay, but it isn't so great for your skin health.

Humidity helps retain and keep your skin moisturized throughout the day. It's also good for us to breathe in slightly humid air than dry, cold air all day. That's why you probably suffer from an annoying dry nose when it's cold out. 

A humidifier in your home can help you recover from the harsh effects of the cold while you're relaxing at home. 

Pick the right products for the season

The name of the game is staying moisturized during the winter. So you'll want to make sure all your products are winter-friendly to keep your skin healthy.

Our best winter skin care tips focus on keeping things natural and treating your skin the right way.

Stay away from products like bar soap, harsh cleansers, and other agents that dry out your skin. Opt for natural products that contain Vitamin C, honey, and other natural moisturizers to keep your skin healthy and cleansed. 

Want to know more?

We hope you've enjoyed our winter skin care tips! Make sure you take a look at the rest of our blogs to keep learning more. 

And, of course, take advantage of our wonderful natural products to make sure your skin stays healthy and happy no matter the season. 

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