A Breakdown of Manuka Honey Cleanser

manuka honey face wash

In this article, we breakdown the look and feel of the Manuka Honey Cleanser and why it is very popular among users.

So let's dive straight in...

3 Huge Problems with Facial Cleansers

If you’re like us, your current facial cleanser is dulling your glow. We were sick and tired of trying out all the hottest new cleansers on the market, only to find that they had these 3 Huge problems

  • Harsh ingredients that irritated dry skin 
  • Oily or scented residue after washing (ew!)
  • Pain or redness on sensitive skin  

That’s when we headed to the lab with a plan: to find nature’s best cleanser that soothes, softens, and delicately cleans your skin. And we’ve done it!

Our Manuka Honey Face Wash makes it easy to remove dirt and oil from your skin whilst using a natural, hypoallergenic product. With ingredients like Almond Oil, Shea Butter, and Lily Extracts, your skin will feel soft and smooth – just the way you like it! 

Our sensitive natural formula means your nightly routine never burns, dries out, or causes you morning breakouts. 

Hey, that’s why everyone’s talking about us. 

We got your skin glow-up right here. And we’re using the soft, sweet & naturally restoring powers of honey to do it.

Manuka Honey Facial Cleanser: Get your Glow Up

manuka face wash

Our all-natural Manuka Honey Face Wash is made with Coconut, Almond, and Rosemary for a sensitive deep clean.

Our Manuka Honey Face Wash makes it easy to remove dirt and oil from your skin with a natural, hypoallergenic, and 100% ethically sourced formula.

Best for:

  • Dry skin woes
  • Red & flaking mornings
  • Sensitively smooth skin 
  • And anyone whose face could use some natural TLC. 

First time EVER. Manuka Honey Face Wash Super Sale

manuka honey

This is your chance to score! That's right. For a limited time only, you can get 53% off Manuka Honey Face Wash today.

We know you want:

  • Gorgeous glowing skin
  • Soft, smooth face that says #wokeuplikethis
  • A natural product that won’t leave you feeling blah.

We've got the right Honey Cleanser for you here at Swiss Botany.

Manuka Honey Face Wash is made for your skin - and for what your skin could be. 

  • Hypoalloegerinc & pH balanced for sensitive cleansing
  • Natural moisturizers to lock in hydration
  • Delicate formula never irritates or causes breakouts
  • Oil-free and no lasting scent

Score YOURS at a swoon-worthy 53% off - for a limited time! Wake up to refreshed, restored, and oh-so-soft skin.

You know you deserve it. 

 Get Your Manuka Here

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