A Closer Look at Swiss Apple Serum

A Closer Look at Swiss Apple Serum

Swiss apples weren't chosen for just any reason to add to our products, it has taken many years for scientists to put their finger on just what they can do. Swiss apples have been growing in the Swiss Alps for hundreds of years. Just a few years ago, scientists started to notice just how long they stayed on the trees and they still looked ripe and fresh after months. This when they decided that the stem cells in the apples may have something to do with that. After studying the stem cells in these apples, scientists found that the stem cells were actually keeping the apples looking younger and rotting much slower than any other apples they had ever seen! This is where we like the story, because we knew that if these stem cells can help the apples stay younger, just think of what it can do for our loyal customers! This is why we want to give you a close look at Swiss Apple Serum from Swiss Botany. 

 Aging Skin Needs this Serum 

We have had quite a few questions about our products can help skin that is aging because of our customers' ages. It's a simple answer for us: Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum 3000! For our customers who have gotten into their 50's, 60's, 70's and beyond, we are happy to offer you all this product! It is truly more of a fix for your skin types.

The serum is made with the Swiss Apple stem cells, as well as Matrixyl 3000. What is the Matrixyl 3000? It is a new innovation in the world of skin care! This is a great new ingredient in the world of skin care and anti-aging. It is made up of different peptides with your aging skin in mind. These peptides help to release new skin cells so that our skin starts to produce more and more collagen and skin cells. What does this do? This helps our skin to look younger than it is and to fight off those terrible free radicals that are causing the fine lines and wrinkles on our faces. 

 Quick Results for Your Face

One thing that our customers want is results. Our customers don't have to worry with the Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum. If it used every day, customers have seen great improvements. In fact, women that applied it twice a day for two weeks noticed some great changes! When it was used over an eight week span, women noticed a 15% change in reduces crows feet and other wrinkles on the face! The results made us incredibly happy and that's why we want to pass this product onto you all! 

Women who have hit their golden years shouldn't have to feel old. We want you all to feel as if you are in your twenties again! We can do so much to help you with your skin, and you can do the rest! There are other products to try as well and you can read all about them on our blogs!

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