Acai Benefits

Acai Benefits

Acai berries have become very popular in a lot of diets. These magical berries have many benefits for our bodies and more importantly, our skin. We want to show you why we celebrate these dark purples berries so much. Here are some of the acai benefits for your skin.

Skin and Anti-Aging Benefits

Acai berries have been called a superfood because of the very high amounts of antioxidants that they contain. This is why they are the perfect food for your skin too! Along with antioxidants, acai berries contain vitamins A, B, C, and E and help to rejuvenate the skin, hydrate the skin, and help with skin cells that have been damaged. There are also anti-inflammatory benefits that are great for acne and anti-aging. The fatty acids in acai berries are also great for helping your skin to look smoother and younger. 

One of the best things about antioxidants is that they help to battle the free radicals in our skin. These free radicals are what causes our skin to start getting fine lines and wrinkles. Free radicals can also attack the inside of our body, so boosting your acai berry intake may not be a bad idea at all! 

Swiss Botany and Vitamin C

Because we stand by quality anti-aging products, we want to share our favorite form of vitamin C with you. It is our Vitamin C Eye Gel. This eye gel is great for your aging skin. This gel helps to soothe your skin and can help to make it look firm and youthful once again. When you are ready to try it, we offer a monthly subscription that will allow you to never forget about re-ordering! We make it easy on you! 

Get all the vitamin C you need in our eye gel or in products that contain acai berries. To learn even more about aging skin, please read our blogs. 


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