Alcohol Can Causes Wrinkles

Alcohol Can Causes Wrinkles

While alcohol is often consumed for recreational purposes, there are studies that found that alcohol can do more harm than good. In fact, some studies show that alcohol can cause wrinkles. The effects of alcohol can leave noticeable and unappealing wrinkles on your skin, which can make you look dull and older than you actually are. Alcohol should be avoided due to its damaging effects on the skin and should be replaced with something healthier for skin protection.


Keeping your skin hydrated is important to having youthful skin. As your skin becomes drier and less hydrated, wrinkles are more prone to forming. Dry skin also leaves your skin looking dull and can leave behind small white flakes that can get annoying. Unfortunately, alcohol contributes to dehydration of the body. The less water your body has, the higher the chances it has of developing wrinkles on the skin. To protect your skin from dryness and dehydration, avoid alcohol and choose another refreshing drink that can help your skin as well.

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Vitamin A

In addition to dehydration, alcohol can also cause a shortage of vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A is essential for the body for many reasons, including helping your vision, keeping your immune system strong, and even acting as an antioxidant. Vitamin A is also necessary for generating new cells. If our cells are not regenerating quickly or properly, we’ll be left without fresh skin and having a dull appearance.

Another necessary feature of vitamin A is to produce more collagen. As we’ve mentioned before, collagen is key to giving structure to the skin and protecting against wrinkles. Without vitamin A, this process would be inefficient. However, alcohol impacts the amount of vitamin A in the body and can make you deficient in it. To keep your skin from losing structure and forming wrinkles, we recommend you stay away from alcohol consumption.

Fix the Damages Caused by Alcohol

The damages caused by the consumption of alcohol can be fixed by using the right techniques. If you notice dehydration of your skin, consider trying our beneficial Hydrating Mask. This mask is soothing and gentle to the skin and can moisturize it naturally. It also leaves your skin soft to the touch and is made with natural oils for the best feeling. You’ll be glowing with radiance and restoring color in your skin in no time! This mask’s hydrating properties will keep your skin moisturized so that it can protect against the formation of wrinkles. Give this mask a try today!

For skin that has already suffered low collagen levels due to aging, there are ways to combat this. Vitamin C helps greatly with encouraging collagen production, which results in structured skin. Our Vitamin C Eye Gel can be used around the eye area as well as other parts of the face to boost collagen production and remove bags under the eyes. Fine lines and wrinkles are also combatted and the skin is returned back to its youthful state. We recommend this gel to anyone seeking younger, healthier skin.

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