Amazing Benefits of Green Tea

Amazing Benefits of Green Tea

Beautiful skin is something that most of us crave. Why not try all-natural options to get the best looking and softest skin possible? One of the best ingredients to use for youthful and beautiful skin in green tea. If green tea is already in your diet, you're one step ahead of everyone else! If you are not sure about how great green tea is, continue to read for the amazing benefits of green tea. 

 Skin Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea has been used for the body and the skin for hundreds of years. It has slowly become one of the most popular teas all around the world. It has been used in Asia for all of the amazing health benefits in the leaves. It is astonishing just how much green tea can do for your body! 

For those who suffer from skin conditions such as psoriasis, green tea helps to fight off the inflammation and itchiness caused by the disorder. The active ingredients in green tea help in this process. These active ingredients are also part of the reason why your skin can look youthful again if you are actively using green tea. Green tea helps to slow down the free radicals in our skin that cause fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin will look just as youthful as you remember when you add green tea into your beauty regiment. 

 Oiliness is another skin issue that many of us have. If our skin is too oily, it can slowly drive us crazy! It is also not healthy for your skin to have too much oil. This can cause a lot of problems in the long run. The tannins in green tea can help to shrink the pores on your skin and reduce oil production. 

Green Tea and Swiss Botany

 Swiss Botany is no stranger to green tea and just how great it can be for your skin. That is why we have added green tea into one of our anti-aging products. The Anti-Aging Day Protect lotion contains green tea, along with other all-natural ingredients that can help your skin look young again. There is also SPF22 in it to help to protect your skin from the sun's dangerous rays. 

If you are looking to add something new to your skincare routine, try green tea. You will be very happy about the results. You can also check out our blog to see what great skincare ideas we offer. 

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