Amazing Benefits of Lemon for Skin and Body

Amazing Benefits of Lemon for Skin and Body

3 Amazing Benefits of Lemon for Skin and Body

Lemon is more than just for lemonade. There are serious benefits of lemon for skin and body. Click here for 3 perks all vegan skincare lovers should know!

You might add lemon to your food and put it in your drinks, but do you use it on your skin?

Lemons are loaded with Vitamin C, which is high in antioxidants, making it a great addition to your skin care regimen. Wondering about what other benefits of lemon for skin are?

Read on to learn 3 amazing ways lemons can help your skin and have you looking your best!

1. Brighten Your Skin

lemons for skin brightening

Worried about age spots or dark spots on your skin? 

Enter lemons. 

By using lemons, you can help brighten your skin. This is because lemons are loaded with vitamin C and citric acid. It's probably not the first thing that came to mind when you thought of lemons, is it?

But when using lemons on your skin, be sure to keep one thing in mind. Wear sunscreen while using them, and refrain from going outdoors for a few hours if possible. This is crucial as the citric acid can make your skin more sensitive. 

2. Control Your Acne

If you have adult acne or a teenage child in your home, it's possible one or all of you are facing some sort of blackhead problem.

Blackheads come about as a result hair follicles that clog the pores of your skin. They can be painful and annoying, among other things. Fortunately, though, one of the benefits of lemon for skin is that it controls your blackhead issue.

But how?

Lemons are antibacterial, like the soap you may use on your face or other areas of your skin. You can take advantage of this by slicing a lemon and squeezing its natural juices onto your skin. 

3. Treat Stretch Marks

If you've lost weight or your body has changed, you may have stretch marks on your skin. These can be aesthetically unpleasing and something you'd rather do without.

When you apply a slice of lemon to your skin, the acidic properties of the fruit help remove dead skin cells. On the other side, the vitamin C in lemons promotes healthy new skin.

Try applying lemon juice to your skin and letting it sit for 10 minutes before you rinse it with warm water. Try this once daily and watch how your stretch marks are lightened over time.  

Benefits of Lemon For Skin

The benefits of lemon for skin show that using lemon on your body is a natural, effective, and safe idea.

High levels of vitamin C and citric acid help lemons treat those unwanted stretch marks. They also help brighten up dark spots and age spots, which can keep your skin looking young and vibrant!

Are you looking for other ways to help keep your skin healthy?

Swiss Botany, a Virginia-based business that's all about natural skin care products, can help. 

We share natural ways to keep your skin fresh, vibrant and healthy looking. We also offer organic skin care products that are designed with you in mind!

If you have used lemons on your skin, what are some ways that it has helped you? 

Incorporate lemons into your skincare plan today!

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