An Easy 1-Step Guide To How Valerie Eliminated Her Eye Bags

An Easy 1-Step Guide To How Valerie Eliminated Her Eye Bags

Valerie's Backstory

Valerie was in her mid-40s, and she had two main problems with her skin

  • Eye bags
  • Wrinkles

She'd taken excellent care of her skin most of her life…

But when she was 37, her daughter (Sarah) was born with cerebral palsy.

The doctor said she wouldn't live for more than a year, but Valerie and her daughter didn't listen.

Valerie quit her job to dedicate herself 100% to her daughter's recovery.

After years of sacrifice and sleepless nights...

Sarah was not only still alive but walking, talking, and happy in her new kindergarten class.

But after a month of being at home without her daughter...

Valerie was starting to realize how hard the past 5 years had been on her body.

She was overweight...

And looked like she hadn't slept over the past 5 years.

As she looked in the mirror, Valerie decided she was going to do something about her eye bags.

Since her husband was coming home in two weeks from an extended business trip, she decided to use that as an "end date" for getting rid of her eye bags.

The plan

Valerie spent almost 6 hours researching while her daughter was at school.

She decided very quickly that she needed to focus on natural products...

Because too many of the creams, lotions, and gels on the market are packed with unpronounceable chemicals.

Many of those chemicals were actually causing damage to her skin.

Another thing she realized was that none of her current products had Dragon's blood

Which meant that they wouldn't do the trick.

[Dragon's Blood is a plant resin that naturally tightens skin and reduces eye bags.]

That's when Valerie found the perfect fitSwiss Botany.

They had all-natural products with Dragon's Blood that could be delivered to her door quickly.

The conflict

But there was a problem.

She'd never heard of Swiss Botany before, and she didn't really know whether or not it was a good company.

All the reviews were good...

But since she was up against a wall and really wanted to surprise her husband...

She was worried about moving away from the big brands for something she'd never used before.

"What if it didn't work?"

"What if it were just hype?"

That's when she realized she'd been using those big brands for years.


Her skin was terrible.

And it occurred to her,

"I might actually be worse off for having used those big brand products."

So she decided to take the leap and purchase one bottle of Swiss Botany's Dragon's Blood Gel.

The results

On day one...

Valerie knew she'd made the right decision.

Her eye bags were instantly reduced, and she loved how her skin felt (and smelled).

She kept applying the Dragon's Blood Gel under her eyes both morning and night for the next week and a half...

And used up almost the entire bottle.

But when her husband came home...

It was all worth it.

Because he couldn't take his eyes off her.


Taking care of her young daughter with cerebral palsy had caused Valerie lots of sleepless nights and had made her look a lot older than she really was.

But Swiss Botany's Dragon's Blood Gel helped Valerie get rid of those eye bags fast.

So if you've been struggling with eye bags or sleep deprivation...

And you want the results that Valerie got…

Here's what you need to do...

Step 1 – Click Here to Subscribe to Dragon's Blood Gel for a 10% discount...

Step 2 – Try it out for at least a month and post your results in the comments!

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