Anti-Aging: 5 Tips to Shed Old Skin

Anti-Aging: 5 Tips to Shed Old Skin

Anti-Aging: 5 Tips to Shed Old Skin

Do wrinkles give you nightmares? Are you looking for the skin you dream about? Here are 5 tips to shed some of that old skin you don't need.

It is never too late to start taking better care of your skin. You can't turn back the damage of time and a carefree youth but you can do better going forward!

No one wants to look like they have old skin. Anything but great skin decreases self-confidence.

When you go out in the world you want to put your best face forward. Even if you're an ex-tanner, this is still possible.

You may not be able to travel back in time and pull yourself out of the sun, but you can certainly improve your skin now. Let's look at five ways to do that.


Are you tired of hearing about the importance of sunscreen? Sorry, but it's never going to go away.

Sun damage is one of the biggest factors of appearing like you have old skin. There are steps you can take to fade sun spots (see below) but preventing further damage is essential too.

Wearing sunscreen every day prevents further sun damage and skin aging. It also prevents skin cancer, the number one most preventative cancer type.

Keep your SPF (sun protection factor) 30 or higher and reapply during the day as needed.

Stay Hydrated

Your body contains a large amount of water. It uses that water to help all aspects of your body run, from skin cells to blood cells.

There is some conflict in the scientific community about this. The more water you drink, the better your body works: that is undeniable.

When it comes to skin, they're still working on evidence but drinking more water can never hurt!

People who drink a lot of water every day say they see younger and healthier skin. Next time you reach for a glass of water think about washing that old skin away!

Sleep Well

Sleep is your body's time to rest and restore whatever damage the previous day has done. This applies to skin cells too.

Those who get more sleep have younger and healthier skin, along with many other benefits. Just make sure you take off any makeup before you go to bed!

Who knew getting rid of old skin could be as easy as getting some shut-eye?

Use a Whitening Mud Mask

Whitening masks are not what they sound like. It's not going to bleach your skin or get rid of a too-dark tan.

Whitening masks will, however, even out your skin tone. They can lighten dark spots, scars, and sun spots. The gentle exfoliation they provide gets rid of the old skin.

Don't Give Up on Your Old Skin!

Even if you're eighty years old and used to lie out in the desert sun, you still need to up your skin care regimen.

There are no excuses when it comes to taking care of your skin, no matter your age.

Skin care is not a beauty routine; it's a health routine. Taking care of your old skin (or young skin) doesn't make you vain or frivolous; it makes you smart.

If you follow these tips and use natural skin care product consistently, you'll no doubt see an improvement in your skin!

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