Anti-aging Routine

Anti-aging Routine

When to Start Your Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

anti-aging skincare routine

It’s never too early to start an anti-aging skincare routine. Your skin can begin to show signs of aging as early as your 20s and 30s. Starting early can help reduce the effects of aging and improve the health of your skin.

Investing in skin care products early can help reduce wrinkles and dark spots, giving you youthful looking skin well into your 50s and beyond. These anti-aging products are designed to slow down, reverse and stop the signs of aging that can appear in your skin.

Beauty Care Steps To Start Now

Starting early, in your 20s and 30s, can promote youthful skin early and help you as you begin to age and develop real aging signs such as: loss of elasticity, thinning and lackluster skin. By doing some simple steps now to help avoid some of the causes of aging, you can make a real difference in your skin as you get older.

Some important things to consider are:

Use Sunscreen Daily

While you have heard this over and over, it couldn’t be more true. You need to use sunscreen every day as the sun is one of the worst causes of wrinkles and premature aging skin. Sunscreen works to protect your skin against UV rays. Use a product such as Swiss Botany’s Anti-Aging Day Protect with SPF 22. This can provide you with sunscreen protection all day while moisturizing your skin. It is specifically designed to protect against skin damage and prevent wrinkles that can occur from sun damage, giving your skin a natural glow.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is the number one way you can prematurely age your skin. Its chemicals stop the growth of healthy skin cells and creates wrinkles on your face and around your lips. Smoking reduces collagen production, which makes you skin plump and full. Stopping smoking now can reverse the damage created and improve the look of your skin in the long run.

Drink Lots Of Water

Staying hydrated can give your skin a fresh, dewy look that is associated with youth. Drink eight glass of water a day to preserve a healthy look and your skin will thank you. By changing this regimen in your diet, you will immediately notice a difference as your skin looks healthier and isn’t dry or flaky.

You can also hydrate your skin using a Hydrating Mask from Swiss Botany. It uses natural oils to nourish your skin, reducing fine lines and gives you a natural glow. Use it every day for maximum benefits. It is perfect for dry skin that needs hydrating.

Wash Your Face Every Day

mens anti-aging routine

While it probably goes without saying that you need to keep your skin clean to maintain a clear complexion. Get in the habit early of washing your face every morning and night. Choose a natural skin care product that will be gentle on your skin.

Products like Swiss Botany’s Organic Honey Cleanser are developed to prevent blemishes from occurring by incorporating nutrients like iron, Vitamin B, calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Follow this up with Swiss Botany’s Bright & Purifying Facial Toner, which is specifically formulated for aging skin, for the best results. 

Use A Moisturizer Daily

Make sure you are using a moisturizer daily on your skin. This will hydrate your skin and help fight against the signs of aging.

You will most likely want an oil free skin care product that will also work to prevent acne. Adding Swiss Botany’s Oil Free Moisturizer to your beauty care routine will work to keep your pores clear, and the non-greasy formula will make your makeup go on easier, leaving your skin soft and refreshed.

Add A Night Cream To Your Beauty Routine

Invest in a night cream with anti-aging fighters such as retinol. Look for a natural skin care product with this ingredient to hydrate your skin while you sleep.

Retinol works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and promotes the creation of collagen, which will help to make your skin supple. Using a night cream such as Swiss Botany’s Retinol Moisturizer Night Cream will help to rejuvenate tired and lackluster skin. It is packed with antioxidants that designed to reduce the effects of dull skin and prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

Target Dark Spots And Wrinkles

When you start to see signs of dark spots and wrinkles, you need to target these areas with skin care products that are dedicated to reverse these effects of aging. Dark spots respond well to natural skin care products that lighten the skin.

Swiss Botany’s Symwhite Skin Lightening & Dark Spot Remover provides a brighter and more even skin tone through tyrosinase that promotes a youthful appearance.

Wrinkles and fine lines will need another approach such as: Swiss Botany’s Eclipse Instant Wrinkle & Pore Minimizer. Skin care products like this plum the areas where wrinkles are present to make them less noticeable while repairing and filling areas such as around the eyes and mouth that have fine lines. It will also smooth the skin for an even appearance.

Focus On Other Problem Areas

You skin can be treated for a variety of other problems that are occurring. You may have scarring or bruising that you need to correct.

Swiss Botany’s Bruise and Scar Cream can help these problem areas disappear. Using vitamin K, the Bruise and Scar Cream works to make scars and bruises disappear quickly by encouraging capillary health and reducing inflammation.

Starting a beauty care regimen as early as your 20s or 30s can help you have youthful looking skin as you get older and aging starts to occur. Investing in natural skin care products can reverse and stop the signs of aging early on, making your skin look young and fresh.

Don’t forget to drink lots of water, keep your skin clean and use sunscreen to avoid skin that looks dull and blemished. Finding a skin care product that targets the direct area of your skin’s problems will improve the area and prevent it from reoccurring. Start early for the best results

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I was given a tube of your “Bruise & Scar Cream with Vitamin K” to use for bruising on my arms. It works great…and I’d like to get some more. But I can’t find any. HELP!

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