Argan Oil's Rise to Fame

Argan Oil's Rise to Fame

Being used on the hair and skin for thousands of years, Argan oil has suddenly gained popularity. The argan trees have a history that goes all the way back to about 65 million years ago. The most amazing thing about argan trees is that they live over 250 years! Here are even more reasons for Argan oil's rise to fame. 

 Fun Facts About Argan Oil

For those native to Morocco, the magical benefits of Argan oil are no surprise. The argan trees attract goats and the goats actually play a huge part in the way that the seeds are spread. You will generally find goats perched in the branches of argan trees because they love to feast on the fruit. The fruit contains kernels, which come out in the goats' dung, and this is how they are spread around. The goats play a vital role in getting the seeds spread out and the trees would not be here today if the goats were not so active in helping. 

It takes argan tree quite a long time to produce matured fruit. In fact, most argan trees do not have mature fruit until they are about 50 years old! As you can see, the process of getting the fruit is quite a journey, and producing the oil takes quite some time too. It will generally take about 15 hours for one liter of oil to be made. All of the argan oil is processed by hand and it is very tedious. This is one of the reasons that it has become so valuable and popular all over the world. 

Why It's Liquid Gold

If you look on any beauty shelves at your local supermarket, you will see many products that contain Argan oil. It is called "liquid gold" after all. It contains many anti-aging properties and benefits for the skin and hair. Just one touch of this magical oil and you will soon realize why it is liquid gold.

We are sure that you will love our Argan oil too! We use 100% pure, extra virgin Argan oil to make sure that your hair and skin shine. Swiss Botany knows how important your skin is and we are ready to show you what our Argan oil can do! Check out our blogs for more information too!


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