Croton Lechleri and the effects on your Body

Croton Lechleri and the effects on your Body

Dragon's Blood, also called Croton Lechleri, is know to have many effects on your  body. It has been used for hundreds of years to help the skin heal and to build new skin cells. It was used in the 1600's to help to heal wounds and to stop bleeding internally and externally. Then, in the 1970's, scientists began to focus on it by doing more and more research. That is when many products containing Dragon's Blood were approved and patented. Here is a better look at Croton Lechleri and the effects on your body.

 What is Dragon's Blood?

As "Game of Thrones" as it sounds, dragon's blood is not actually from any real dragons. It comes from an herb that is grown in South America. It has been used since around the 1600's for medicinal purposes. The herb comes from dragon's blood trees. The sap of the trees looks a lot like blood when it is cut and this is where the name came from. 

What is great about the dragon's blood is that it contains quite a few naturally occurring compounds that have antioxidants, antibacterial agents, and anti-fungal agents. These compounds have quite a few benefits for the skin, the hair, and the body as a whole. Dragon's blood is a wonderful compound that is highly sought after for beauty products all over the world. This is why Swiss Botany wanted to make a our own skincare products with dragon's blood as the main ingredient.

Swiss Botany's Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel

 If you have started to see fine lines and wrinkles, and chemical treatments are on your mind, try our Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel instead! It is an amazing alternative filler. It acts as a moisturizer and can help prevent dry skin and fine lines. If you have started to notice them, this gel is perfect for you!

It is made with all-natural ingredients that act as antioxidants that help to stop free radicals from affecting your skin. These free radicals are what can cause wrinkles and your skin to look older than it is. The Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel helps to reduce under-eye bags, crows feet, and can be used as a natural filler for the lips. 

At Swiss Botany, we know the way you look is important to you. This is why we want you to try our gel. You will be impressed with what you see! There are other ways to correct fine lines and wrinkles and you can read more about them on our blog. 


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