Daily Habits Which Can Cause Wrinkles

Daily Habits Which Can Cause Wrinkles

As we grow older, it is the body’s normal process to form fine lines and wrinkles. However, are there certain things that we are doing to enhance them? In fact, we do some daily habits which can cause wrinkles without many of us knowing. Read on to learn more about these habits and how you can better protect yourself from aging.

First Habit – Sipping Through a Straw

Something so simple as sipping through a straw could actually be your worst enemy when it comes to aging. The problem with sipping is not the fact that you’re drinking something nor the straw itself, but rather it’s the position your mouth forms when it begins to do the act. The pucker-position of the mouth can be the very reason that wrinkles begin to form around your mouth. Keep in mind that it isn’t the case that every time you drink out of a straw you’ll form wrinkles, but if it’s done constantly and regularly, you might be under risk of forming wrinkles around your mouth and having to deal with an aged look.

Second Habit – Sleeping with Your Makeup On

This is a common one amongst us ladies- falling asleep without removing our makeup. Despite how tired or lazy we’re feeling, we should always try to remove our makeup before we sleep. Why? Because at night the makeup can seep into our pores and disrupt the skin’s natural healing process. It can also deter cell regeneration, leaving our skin stuck in the past. Removing your makeup should also be done properly- by thoroughly cleansing the face and making sure it is removed correctly, you’ll be better prepared to prevent wrinkles from forming on your face.

Third Habit – Frowning

Despite it being a negative facial expression, frowning can also be the cause for your wrinkles to develop. The reason is that your face is constantly pushing the skin into a certain form when frowning- eyebrows pushed together downward and mouth firm in its position- which can make the skin temporary form lines there. Eventually, these temporary lines can become permanent after lots of frowning, which will lead right to wrinkles. To prevent this, try to stay positive and keep a relaxed face instead of an angry one when upset.


Getting rid of your wrinkles can be difficult when daily habits can be the very reasons for their formation. However, working on fixing your daily habits so that they're limited can help you prevent wrinkles and keep your skin smooth. In addition to this, you may also want to try out our Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel. Because of its natural healing properties, this is the best product for skin protection and wrinkle protection. Use this gel daily for optimum results and don't worry about the daily things you do affect your skin.

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