Dead Sea Mud Mask vs The Peeling Mask

Dead Sea Mud Mask vs The Peeling Mask

Are you torn between choosing the Dead Sea mud mask vs the peeling mask? Come on board as we take you through a comprehensive overview of the two skin care products to help you make the right choice.

The Peeling Masks

Swiss Botany Dead Sea Mud Mask

The peeling masks have been around since ages. The first kind of mask peels where milk baths used by Cleopatra to treat her skin. Face peels are effective for the treatment of pigmentation and acne. They are also used to help reverse the effects of aging.

As we grow older, the rate of the production of skin cells reduces drastically, leading to the deposition of a dense layer of dead cells. This action is responsible for the dull skin, wrinkles, sagging and pigmentation. Peeling masks are used to help reverse this process by removing the dead layer on the surface to give way to new cells. It is also used to remove dirt and extra oil on the skin. It cleanses the face and leaves your skin soft and bright.

The Dangers of Using the Peel-Off Face Masks

Most of the peel-masks sold on the internet today contain just powdered charcoal and glue. These types of face masks have the potentials of damaging your skin.

As you peel off the masks from your face, they also remove the outer layer of the skin and the hairs on it. This action alone causes you pain because you have just removed a part of your skin. The glue in the mask forms an intense exfoliation process that aggressively peels off the layer of your skin, leaving you irritated.

Apart from irritating your skin, the peel removes the essential oils found on the outer surface of the skin. These oils act as chemical barriers that protect the skin from dangerous micro-organisms. So as you remove these oils with the mask, you leave your skin vulnerable to harmful bacteria.

The Dead Sea Mud Mask


Swiss Botany Dead Sea Mud Mask

The Dead Sea mud mask is anti-aging skincare used to maintain the skin elasticity and help reduce wrinkles and fine lines. The name “The Dead Sea” mud is from the Dead Sea in Israel. The mud mask has been used by women even before the invention of cosmetics to keep their skin looking fresh, younger, radiant and  glowing.

The Dead Sea mud mask is also used to reduce the size of the skin pores and remove cellulite from the skin due to its anti-cellulite properties.

Benefits of Using the Dead Sea Mud Mask

The Dead Sea mud mask contains all natural ingredients obtained from a natural source. This makes it safe for all kinds of sensitive skin.

The major turn-off with the Dead Sea Mud Mask lies in the mud. The color and smell may not be as pleasant as you would expect but you cannot afford to miss all the benefits that come with using the mud just because it doesn’t smell sweet. Moreover, with a product like the Swiss Botany Dead Sea mud mask for face and body, you don’t have to worry about the smell as it contains organic ingredients that take away the nasty smell and feel of the mud.

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