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Did You Hear Christina's Micropolish Story?

August 14, 2019 2 min read

Did You Hear Christina's Micropolish Story?

Have you struggled to find an effective exfoliator that's gentle on your skin?

Christina did too. She had seborrheic dermatitis... 

...which is a fancy way of saying she had spots on her face that produced way too much dry, flakey skin...

She'd been dealing with this for years and had already gone through...

3 dermatologists...

2 nutritionists...

And a mountain of different products.

Nothing cured her skin condition...

But some of the products cleared it up long enough for a day or two of peace.

The most significant help for her had been exfoliators, but she'd really struggled to find one that she could use long term.

Sure, lots of exfoliators "did the trick" and cleared up her flaky skin...

But it was long-term use that was the main problem.

You see, most exfoliators are only meant to be used once or twice a week...

Because of the chemicals and ingredients are too harsh for daily use.

But her skin condition required that she use it every day.

That meant her skin would become red, irritated, and painful after just a few days of use...

...which meant she had to stop using it...

...which meant she was back to square one.

So she was always trying new products...

Trying to find that perfect one that would clean up her skin without irritating her skin over the long term.

So she was constantly getting new exfoliators and trying them out...

Until one day she got ahold of the Micropolish Cleansing Exfoliator by Swiss Botany.

She decided to put it through its paces just like she'd done to all of the other products she'd used in the past.

Day 1

The night the bottle arrived in the mail, Christina carefully read the instructions to make sure she was using the product correctly.

She then washed her face and was immediately concerned because the product was so soft and gentle...

She thought,

"Nothing this gentle will be strong enough for my skin."

She also liked the smell, which was equally gentle and refreshing.

After applying and scrubbing her face in a circular UPWARDS motion...

She was pleasantly surprised to see that the flakes on her skin had indeed been removed even though the Micropolish Cleansing Exfoliator was so gentle.

No redness yet which was great!

Micropolish Cleansing Exfoliator

Long Term

Christina had used the micropolish every day for 21 days, and her skin had NEVER looked better.

No flakes...

No dead skin...

And surprisingly, no redness or irritation.

Micropolish Cleansing Exfoliator


Christina couldn't be happier with the Micropolish Cleansing Exfoliator from Swiss Botany. She hasn't felt embarrassed about the dry flakes for months.

And even though her condition remains...

It's under better control than ever before...

And she hasn't had a breakout in weeks!

If you've struggled to find an effective exfoliator that's gentle on your skin...

Here's what you need to do...

Step 1 – Click Below To Order the Micropolish Cleansing Exfoliator...

Micropolish Cleansing Exfoliator 

Step 2 – Follow the same steps that Christina did and tell us about your results in the comments!

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