Did you know this about Dark spots?

Did you know this about Dark spots?

Fair, light, and flawless skin tone is what everybody seems to be concerned about nowadays. And it doesn't just mean women! Men with clear skin are also more attractive.

That's why we see so many skin lightening products on the market today.

Why do dark spots appear on your skin?

Dark spots occur on your skin because your skin is producing more melanin in one area than in others. The technical term for this is hyperpigmentation. This most often occurs because of an excess of exposure to the sun or because of hormonal changes (pregnancy).

While those two things can cause hyperpigmentation, natural skin lightening products act specifically to decrease the level of hyperpigmentation in the skin.

How do skin lightening creams work?

Skin lightening creams lower the level of melanocytes present in the skin, which are responsible for the production of melanin in the skin. Less melanin leads to a lighter and more even skin tone.

What ingredients should you be looking for in skin lightening products?

Whether you're looking for lighter skin or you want to remove dark patches, natural skin lightening products are the way to go. The best ingredients in these products are melanin inhibitors, such as:

  • Kojic acid which inhibits the conversion process of tyrosinase to melanin and leads to a lighter complexion.
  • Azelaic acid which targets abnormal pigment-producing skin cells.
  • Witch Hazel which is known for its powerful medicinal properties and ability to repair injured skin. It also protects the skin against damage from free radicals and acts as a dark spot remover.

Overall, the mix between Kojic acid, Azelaic acid, and Witch Hazel water offer even and improved skin tone.

Why choose Swiss Botany Symwhite Skin Lightening & Dark Spot Remover?

The best skin lightening results  come from all-natural cosmetic products. Chemicals can be effective too, but at the same time can cause rashes or irritation, depending on how sensitive your skin is.

That is why we encourage you to try Swiss Botany's Symwhite Skin Lightening skincare products. Research shows that it is one of the most effective natural skin lightening serums out there. It boosts cell turnover and nourishes your complexion at a cellular level.

Research reveals that it also encourages tyrosinase inhibition which further reduces the appearance of dark spots.

What are some other benefits of all Swiss Botany Products?

There are several other benefits of using a Swiss Botany skin lightening product, such as:

  • Being rich in all-natural ingredients that brighten skin and offer a more radiant complexion;
  • Not including harmful chemicals in its composition, such as phthalates (These can cause irritation or rashes);
  • Being rich in oxidizing enzymes that can prevent dark spots or discoloration from occurring;
  • Being supported by several types of research that demonstrate the efficacy of Swiss Botany skin lightening products.


So, if you aim to get a whiter, brighter, and healthier-looking complexion...

Here's what you need to do...

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