Discovered this oil and dye-free moisturizer from Swiss Botany?

Discovered this oil and dye-free moisturizer from Swiss Botany?

If not, you need to read this article immediately! The Oil-free Moisturizer is suitable even for the most sensitive skin, as it is rich in ceramides, which can support the health of your skin. So, if you are a lady that wants to know the advanced tips to look younger without clogged pores, read on to find out how to take your Oil-free Moisturizer to the next level. 

Advanced Tip #1: A little goes a long way

This tip refers to you reading and following the product’s directions. Adding the Oil-free Moisturizer to your skincare routine means you can use it once or twice per day, depending on your preferences and needs. But the most important thing you need to take into account is the amount of product you use.

You can implement this priceless tip by following the directions featured on the product’s label. So, you should pour a small amount onto your fingers, about pea-size. This quantity is enough to use for the whole face and neck. Afterward, massage the area gently until the product is absorbed into your skin.

Advanced Tip #2: Can be used without a toner

A complete skincare routine is all about using a cleanser, a toner, a serum, and a moisturizer. Toners are not always necessary, but in some cases, they can help keep oily skin from causing impurities. But if you use an alcohol-based toner, your skin can get extremely dry, even though you have an oily skin type. 

The Oil-free Moisturizer from Swiss Botany is here to help you, and it can be used without a toner. This happens because it can tighten cell gaps and close pores after you clean your skin. Simply put: it can act as both a toner and moisturizer for your skin, protecting it from impurities and damage. 

Advanced Tip #3: Use after you put on serums and toners, but before your makeup

As mentioned above, the key to success with Swiss Botany’s Oil-free Moisturizer is to create and follow a skincare routine. And if you are conscious about it, you will most likely use the complete care, including a cleanser, a toner, and a serum. 

This advanced tip is vital if you want to look more youthful and avoid clogged pores. It refers to using the moisturizer before makeup so that it can efficiently create a barrier that will prevent makeup, dirt, or pollution from clogging your pores. As a result, you will have a significantly improved skin, with this non-comedogenic moisturizer. And the best part about this Oil-free Moisturizer is that it heals the skin, and it restores its youthful appearance. 


Now that you know the advanced tips to look younger without clogged pores, you are ready to add to your skincare routine this amazing Oil-free Moisturizer. So, to look more youthful and deeply hydrate your skin, you’ll have to:

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