Do you have dark spots or an uneven skin tone?

Do you have dark spots or an uneven skin tone?

But at the same time, you have a sensitive skin type, which discourages you from trying a whitening cream.

So, let us ask you this: do you want to know the three main questions (and answers) every woman with dark spots needs to know to achieve an even skin tone? If so, read this immediately to discover the answers you need to start today your journey towards whitening sensitive areas’ success.

Question #1 – Does it have hydroquinone?

This is a fundamental question because hydroquinone can cause side effects, such as skin burn, rashes, or irritations. If you use a natural whitening product, you won’t have to worry about hydroquinone. Natural whitening creams use natural ingredients that have the power to whiten, even, and support a healthy-looking appearance for your skin.

So, if you want to achieve the desired skin tone, you should know that the answer to this question is no. Natural whitening creams are usually rich in kojic acid extract. This compound works by blocking tyrosine from forming, which ultimately inhibits melanin production. As a result, it has a lightening effect on the skin. And the best part of using natural whitening cream is that you can apply it even in sensitive areas of the body.

Our advice is to opt for all-natural products such as Swiss Botany’s Ultimate Whitening Mud Mask. In this way, you will be sure you apply to your skin only the best natural ingredients, while the results will exceed your expectations.

Question #2 – Do I need to wait an hour before washing it off?

It is normal to wonder about how long you should leave a whitening cream on your skin. Your purpose is to achieve the best results as soon as possible, which is why we recommend you follow the instruction of the cream.

To answer this question, we can say that it is not necessary to wait for an hour before washing off the cream. Kojic acid is efficient and can lighten your skin tone quite fast. Depending on how pronounced your hyperpigmentation is, you can allow the Whitening Cream Mud Mask to work between 5 to 10 minutes. Afterward, you can wash it and resume your skincare routine.

Question #3 – How long does it take to clean up?

This is another essential fact about a whitening cream. Natural ingredients don’t create that sticky feeling you might experience with chemical-based whitening products. So, the answer is that a natural whitening cream is easy to wash off with lukewarm water.

Our advice is to use gentle moves while cleaning it off your skin and patting gently with a towel to dry your face. Also, it is best to use a serum or a moisturizer cream immediately to offer your skin all the tools necessary for a healthy-looking appearance.


If you are dealing with stubborn pigment problems and want a natural remedy to get rid of this problem, you should consider using the Ultimate Whitening Mud Mask from Swiss Botany. It will help you whiten your skin tone, even if you have a sensitive skin type. 

Here’s what you need to do to achieve the best skin whitening results for sensitive skin….

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