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Ellie's Surprising Reaction To The Dead Sea Mud Mask

August 13, 2019 2 min read

Ellie's Surprising Reaction To The Dead Sea Mud Mask

Ellie had set up a skincare routine years ago but was struggling to round it out completely...

She'd already chosen a great cleanser and some amazing lotions...

She'd spent a fortune on finding just the right kind of makeup for her painfully sensitive skin...

And she really needed to do a deep clean with a mud mask about once a week...

But this was the one part of her routine that just didn't work...

She'd been trying to find a good facial mask for years...

And found some great products that really did the job well.

But no matter what product she used... 

Her skin would get so red, irritated, and painful that she could hardly sleep.

She'd had this problem with her facial cleansers and makeup as well...

But had been able to find makeup and superficial cleansers that didn't irritate her skin...

But not a deep cleaning mask.

She'd been discussing this with a friend at her favorite spa for months...

And hadn't made much progress...

Until her friend (Susan) suggested she try the Dead Sea Mud Mask by Swiss Botany. Susan said,

We've been using it at the spa for a while and had a lot of positive feedback.

So Ellie got herself a bottle and started using it.

Step 1 – Wash And Prep

When her weekly "deep clean" day came, Ellie first washed and patted her face dry. 

Then she applied the mud mask to her face and found that it was really thick (like clay) but that it was still really easy to apply...

...some of the other mud masks she'd used felt like she was applying toothpaste to her face...

Dead Sea Mud Mask

Step 2 – Let It Dry

After applying the mud mask, Ellie let it dry for precisely 17 minutes. 

Even though the bottle said 10-20 minutes, Susan had said that 17 was what they had found to be best.

Plus, her skin wasn't burning...

Dead Sea Mud Mask

Step 3 – Wash off

Susan had explicitly said to not use any kind of soap when removing the Dead Sea Mud Mask...

So Ellie simply rinsed her face with warm water to get the mask off.

It took longer to remove than products she'd used in the past...

But she still wasn't feeling any burning or itching.

Dead Sea Mud Mask

Step 4 – Wait and See

Forty minutes later, Ellie was... 


No burning.

No irritation.

No itching.

No nothing.

Just beautiful, smooth, youthful skin.

Dead Sea Mud Mask


Using the Dead Sea Mud Mask from Swiss Botany was the key to Ellie finally rounding out her skincare routine for her hypersensitive skin. It had taken years of trial and (mostly) error to find the right mud mask.

But she had found it.

And even though it was only one part of her routine...

It was the missing part.

And she hasn't had a breakout since she started using it.

If you feel like your skin is too sensitive to use a mud mask...

Here's what you need to do...

Step 1 – Click Below To Order the Dead Sea Mud Mask...

Dead Sea Mud Mask 

Step 2 – Follow the same steps that Ellie did and tell us about your results in the comments!

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