Five Ways Lavender Essential Oil Can Help Calm Your Baby

Five Ways Lavender Essential Oil Can Help Calm Your Baby

Looking for new ways to soothe your baby to calmness when he is restless? Join us as we take a look at five ways Lavender essential oil can help calm your baby.


 Ways Lavender Essential Oil Can Help Calm Your Baby

Having a baby can bring you so much joy, but it can also take away your sleep time. Babies need so much attention, and when they don’t get it, it could mean serious crying. They are yet to learn self-expression and the only way they draw your attention is by letting out a piercing cry.

With the help of pure Lavender essential oil, you could help your baby relax once he begins to show signs of restlessness. The oil has special soothing powers that work for babies too. The lavender oil can help calm your baby when used in the following ways:

A Gentle Massage

Babies also love massages. This is one way you can get your baby to sleep off after feeding and bathing. You can give your baby a gentle massage with the lavender essential oil right after the bath. Rub the oil gently on the arms, legs, tummy, back, and feet. The massage will relax your baby and help put him to sleep.


Ways Lavender Essential Oil Can Help Calm Your Baby

A Drop of Oil in His Bed

Just like the sweet smell of lavender can help calm us down, babies too sleep well in a room filled with its fragrance. A few drops of lavender oil on your baby’s mattress, pillow or cot will help him sleep better. Lavender oil helps freshen up the air in a room; this will improve the quality of air around your baby and prevent any respiratory problems.

An Oil Bath

Calm your baby with few drops of oil in warm water as you bath him. You can use liquid soap or salt to help diffuse the oil into the water.

For Tooth Pain

Growing a tooth is a harrowing experience for babies. Most baby struggle with toothaches and can only cry in agony. You can help take this pain away by rubbing the jaw line with diluted lavender oil. When used on the gum, diluted lavender oil helps reduce the effect of teething and the illness that comes with it. However, you should seek professional advice from a pediatrician if the pain continues over an extended period.

Help Stop Persistent Cough

Once you notice your child is coughing incessantly, cover him up with warm clothes and use diluted Lavender oil on his chest. You can also add diluted oil in a diffuser to clean up the air. Lavender oil will help reduce a persistence cough and calm your baby. However, as mentioned earlier, if the symptoms continue then you should immediately seek professional help. The oil only helps reduce the symptoms, it is not an instant cure.

Your baby deserves all the care he can get from you. With the help of pure Lavender essential oil, you will surely go through this stage of parenting with lesser troubles.

Note: Consult a pediatrician before using lavender oil on your baby.

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