Foods That Boost Collagen Production

Foods That Boost Collagen Production

You’ve probably already heard of collagen and how beneficial it is to get rid of wrinkles. In fact, the very reason we have wrinkles is because our collagen levels are lacking. However, there are ways to restore them. One of the best ways to gain collagen is through what you eat. There are many foods that boost collagen production and eating a few of them daily will make a clear difference to your skin.

Food Vs Supplements

Oftentimes, we find that daily supplements are encouraged to increase your body’s collagen levels. However, finding foods that boost collagen production can help you build a better diet and have a readily available collagen supply- contrary to supplements. While supplements do complete the task of supplying your body with more collagen, they do take time to settle in the body and become available for us. Eating different foods to keep your collagen up as opposed to supplements will help you achieve the same goal without having to take any additional pills.

Foods That Boost Collagen

Broth – Bone broth may be a popular option for you to increase collagen due to its ease of making as well as flavor. The reason bone broth is an effective food for collagen is due to the core of its ingredients- animal bones. Bones contain all sorts of nutrients that are very useful for the body. When bones are simmered in water, all the nutrients are extracted into a liquid form, ready for consumption. This is where the collagen comes from and consuming broth regularly can help you maintain your collagen levels.

Fruits – There are plenty of fruits that contain collagen-boosting properties, specifically from vitamin C. Vitamin C plays a major role in the development of collagen, so making sure that you have high vitamin C levels is crucial to keeping your skin wrinkle-free. Citrus fruits, tropical fruits, and berries like raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries can provide a considerable amount of vitamin C that will aid in collagen production. You can easily add these fruits to your diet or eat them as a snack to see a major difference in your skin.

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Chicken – Keeping your collagen levels up doesn’t mean giving up tasty food. Chicken can help with keeping up collagen levels by the amount of tissue in it. The tissues make up a large amount of collagen and when consumed, can give your body a larger supply of it. Therefore, you’ll have more structure in your skin and less sagginess and wrinkles.


Your diet can make a huge difference in your appearance by adding collagen in your skin and reducing wrinkles. In addition to eating the proper foods, you should also be looking out for collagen boosting products and making them part of your daily routine. Products like our Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel contain collagen in the ingredients so that your skin can get the most of it. It’ll help you restore your skin while using the popular dragon’s blood ingredient. Try it out and get rid of your wrinkles for good!

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