Foods That Fight Wrinkles

Foods That Fight Wrinkles

Everyday more and more companies are making wrinkle creams and skin care products. Our culture seems to be obsessed with looking younger, happier, and more beautiful. It doesn't have to start with skin care products, it can actually start with the foods that we eat. There are actually quite a few foods that fight wrinkles and we will share them with you. Check to see how you're doing when it comes to eating wrinkle-free.

Fruits, Vegetables, and Nuts

Tomatoes are one of the foods on the top of the list for eating towards a wrinkle-free face. So let's talk tomatoes. Why do tomatoes help your skin? They are packed with vitamin C which is known for helping to make the skin look beautiful and radiant. Vitamin C can also help your skin to get more firm and plump. Firm skin generally means that you will have less lines and wrinkles on your face. Tomatoes also contain an ingredient called lycopene. This ingredient is known for helping your skin get used to the UV rays of the sun. The closer you live to the sun, the more UV rays you are exposed to each day. This is why eating some extra tomatoes on your salad could come in handy.

Berries are another food that can help us to get rid of wrinkles. Blueberries and raspberries are some of the best for our skin. Berries contain antioxidants that fight off the free radicals that cause the wrinkles on our faces to form. The more berries you eat, the faster you are on your way to fighting off these free radicals. The fewer free radicals you have, the more youthful your skin will look as you age. 

Nuts are another food that are great for our skin. They contain omegas and vitamin E which helps the skin to fight off acne and other skin irritations like psoriasis. Nuts have skin healing properties that can help to fight off signs of early aging too. 

 Swiss Botany and Green Tea

We missed one major beverage on our list of items that can fight off wrinkles. That is green tea. Green tea is a major player in helping our skin to look young and wrinkle free. Swiss Botany makes a great green tea anti-aging lotion that contains SPF 22. The ozone layer is not getting better as we age and our skin changes daily. Applying sunscreen each day is a great idea especially for those who live at higher elevations. Swiss Botany's SPF lotion can work as a moisturizer and as an anti-aging cream. This lotion also helps to fight off the free radicals that are forming on your skin as you age. 

It is important to know what the foods we eat are doing to not only our bodies, but also our skin. By eating these foods daily, you may not see instant results, but there are skincare products that you can use along with maintaining a healthy diet. Our blog has plenty of other ways that you can fight wrinkles. 

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