Have you let this happen to your skin?

Have you let this happen to your skin?

Do you have an uneven skin tone? And you don’t know what to do about your dark spots. But at the same time, you aren’t quite sure how to use a natural skin lightening product. This is why we’ve created this article! 

If you are a lady with dark spots, who has a hard time dealing with an uneven skin tone, then you have to read this immediately. The solution to your problems could be in this article! Let’s check out the three main stages of uneven skin tone problems and how to overcome them. 

Stage #1 – Mild problems with uneven skin tone

This is the initial stage of uneven skin tones, and it refers to an almost unnoticeable change in the coloring of your skin. You can deal with this problem by committing to a skincare routine. Your goal should be feeding your skin all the nutrients and vitamins needed for recovering from skin damage.

Our advice is to clean your skin depending on its needs. Also, we recommend using a natural skin brightening product in your routine. You can wear it by itself or under your moisturizer. In this way, you will diminish mild discoloration and help prevent your uneven skin tone from getting even worse.

Stage #2 – Moderate problems with uneven skin tone

Usually, the second stage of uneven skin tones happens when you don’t deal with the initial discoloration of your skin. Simply put: you fail to prevent hyperpigmentation from spreading, allowing it to cause additional damage to your skin. This usually appears as certain areas of your skin getting darker over time.

Our advice is to add to your skincare routine a natural whitening product that has the power to deal with hyperpigmentation and promote a healthier appearance. As an example, Witch Hazel is a natural extract known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Besides, it is an excellent adjuvant in managing uneven skin tones and hyperpigmentation. Also, our tip is to avoid any chemical-based skin care products, as they can worsen uneven skin tones.

Stage #3 – Severe problems with uneven skin tone

If you are in this situation, it means you never did anything to deal with your skin problems. This is a difficult problem to solve, but it can be done with the help of a proper skincare routine and natural whitening products. 

We recommend using SymWhite, a skin lightening, and dark spot remover from Swiss Botany. One of the main ingredients in SymWhite is Witch Hazel. Studies show that applying Witch Hazel in the morning and the evening can visibly reduce hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration. It features proven qualities that can inhibit melanin production, making your skin lighter. And it can even stimulate natural skin exfoliation, which in turn leads to brighter skin. So, to deal with uneven skin tone, you should focus on adding in your skincare routine an efficient oxidizing enzyme that has the power to reverse discoloration. 


Now that you know the three stages of uneven skin tones and how to deal with them, you most likely wonder how to get the best Witch Hazel formula.

So, to achieve those results, you need to:

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