High Tech Roll-Out: The Apple Stem Cell

High Tech Roll-Out: The Apple Stem Cell

High Tech Roll-Out: The Apple Stem Cell

Have you heard wonders about Swiss Apple Serum but don't know a lick about it? Here is all you need to know about the apple stem cell.

We try countless chemical solutions to fix our skin issues. But the greatest beauty breakthroughs come directly from nature (coconut oil, anyone?).

In fact, one of our favorite breakthroughs in skin care comes from one of your favorite fruits -- apples. That's right, apples! Specifically, the fascinating Swiss apple stem cell.

Wondering what makes this particular stem cell so amazing?

We've compiled this essential guide just for you, so read on to learn more about this exciting discovery in skin care.

An Essential Guide to Apple Stem Cell Skincare

The Swiss apple called Uttwiler Spätlauber is actually sour, not sweet. 

Before refrigerators existed, a sour apple that stayed fresh longer was more desirable than a sweet apple that rotted quickly.  

This apple is rare today because it's not desirable in modern culinary cuisine.

However, it has a unique property. It can be stored for extended periods of time without shriveling or losing its sour taste. It was originally cultivated at a time when freshness was more important than flavor. 

The anti-aging potential is already becoming clear, isn't it?

These plant cells can also help preserve and restore human skin. Swiss apple stem cells help aging human stem cells grow new tissue!

They can even help protect your skin from the environmental stressors that speed up aging. 

Why Stem Cells?

Aging happens because our cell turnover slows down. The stem cells that regenerate skin are less efficient as we get older. 

Stem cells are different from ordinary cells. Most cells can only serve one purpose. Your brain cells can never work as skin cells, and vice versa.

Stem cells, however, are the only cells that can change depending on where they are located. They maintain and repair tissue in the area around them. 

Skin regrowth depends in part on stem cells functioning efficiently. As our stem cells slow down, skin regrowth does too. This causes visible signs of aging.

An Apple a Day

Stem cells from plants are somewhat different from human stem cells. Plant stem cells contain the ability to generate an entirely new plant. 

This gives them incredible potential as anti-aging products.

In 2008, the Swiss apple stem cell won "Best Active Ingredient" in the European Innovation award category.

Clinical trials found that 100% of participants showed reduced fine lines and wrinkles after using a product made with this special stem cell.

The endangered Uttwiler Spätlauber now has reason to be protected. It's rich in proteins and phytonutrients, in addition to its cell longevity. 

New technology has allowed plant stem cells to be incorporated into skin care products, giving the Swiss apple a new life. 

Some testers have even found that this ingredient helps calm irritated skin and stop acne. 

Of course, not all products are created equal, even though they may have the same ingredients. Make sure to buy your natural Swiss products from a trusted, natural source

Public figures like Michelle Obama have already made the Swiss apple stem cell a go-to skin solution.

Isn't it time you tried this incredible beauty breakthrough for yourself?

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