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Home Remedies for Acne

December 22, 2018 2 min read

Home Remedies for Acne

Acne is not the easiest thing to get rid of. There are cleansers all over the market these days that promise to help you find relief from acne. A lot of these do work, but some of them contain very harsh chemicals that could really hurt your skin. What is there were home remedies for acne? There are actually quite a few that you can try. Here are some of our favorites. 

 What's in the Kitchen?

Look around your kitchen, you may actually have some wonderful home remedies to help your acne. One of these things is honey. Honey is an all-natural home remedythat can bring you some relief from acne. You can make skin masks with honey that you can apply once a week. These skin masks will bring you some relief from your breakouts. 

Another home remedy that you have in your kitchen is apple cider vinegar. It is known for helping fight off bacteria in your skin. Apple cider vinegar contains many organic materials that can help fight bacteria that causes acne and break outs. It is also known to help to fight off inflammation of the skin. This is why it is handy to have it around the house. 

Cinnamon and honey are another great combo to have in the kitchen if you have acne problems. You can make your own acne mask with these two great ingredients. Honey and cinnamon are both known for helping fight inflammation and that is why they are so helpful in fighting off acne. Make a mask by following these instructions: 

  • Add 2 tablespoons of honey to 1 teaspoon of cinnamon. You will notice a thick paste forming. 
  • Once you have washed your face, apply this paste to your face and leave it on for about 15 minutes. 
  • Rinse the mask off with warm warm and pat your face dry. 

This mask can be used once a week and you will start to see some great results in no time! 

Natural remedies are great for your acne. Once you start using these different methods, you are bound to see some changes!


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