Honey and Acne

Honey and Acne

If you suffer from acne, chances are, you have tried everything there is to make it go away. We have a solution for you! It's honey! That's right, organic honey. You have no idea just what it can do for your acne. In fact, we are going to explain to you the benefits of honey and how it can help you find relief. Honey and acne actually go hand in hand, and we want you to see how it can work for you. 

 Look Mom! No Chemicals!

One of the best reasons to use honey based products on your skin is that honey is all-natural. It contains zero chemicals to make it as amazing as it is! Who knew that the best beauty secret was under our noses all along? The fact that it is chemical free makes it great for those with acne or other skin sensitivity. Applying honey to your face, or products that already contain honey, is incredibly safe. In fact, honey is one of the safest ways to help your acne. 

Properties of Honey

Honey has many beneficial properties for our skin and our bodies. It is an anti-inflammatory. This is what you need to help with your acne. Anti-inflammatory facial cleansers can help the swelling of your face when acne decides to hit you! Honey also contains antimicrobial properties. What the heck does that mean?! This means that honey helps to get rid of unwanted organisms. Sounds pretty gross, right? Bacteria is a type of microorganism that can wreak havoc on your face. Honey can fight off bacteria that causes acne. This is why you need to add honey into your skin care routine. 

Keep you eye out for skincare products that contain honey. At Swiss Botany, one of our personal favorites is the Organic Honey Cleanser. We made this product with you in mind! It is all-natural and very gentle for any skin type. Using this cleanser once a week can help you to fight off acne and it can fight off the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. We love it and you should too!


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