How April Avoided Bow-toxic Fillers

How April Avoided Bow-toxic Fillers

April was in her late 40s when she observed her skin start changing.

At first, there was this constant feeling of dehydration, which she ignored. She never thought about changing her moisturizer or her skincare routine. All she did was using the same products she had since she was 20.

Still, April noticed that many of her friends regularly changed their skincare regime by adding new products.

The Problem

She asked them why they bother doing this, and the answer was that each skin type has its own needs. April wasn’t sure about this, but she couldn’t help to notice that the area around her neck appeared a bit dull and saggy. 

So, she researched her skin type and modified her skincare routine. Even though she cleansed and pampered her skin twice a day, April didn’t notice an improvement around her neck.

A friend of hers suggested that a filler injection might do the trick. But April feared doctors and tried to avoid as best as she could any type of injection. Besides, she knew there were plenty of side effects that might come from a filler injection, which is why she decided to find an alternative.

The Research

She asked her friends and colleagues, which skincare products they recommend for ladies in their 30s. And it lead to an interesting debate, in which everyone had a tip to share. One colleague said an oil-free moisturizer is excellent for all skin types. And another suggested having a serum in the routine. 

April got interested in this serum idea and researched natural products that can rejuvenate the skin on the face and neck.

After some time, she found out about this innovative solution with Swiss Apple Stem Cell extract. It was a product sold by Swiss Botany that promised amazing results.

Indeed, she wasn’t sure at first that this will solve all her problems, but she decided there is nothing to lose because after all, this was an all-natural product.

April ordered her Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum and was excited to try it.

She followed the directions and applied the product on clean skin. She concentrated her attention on her neck area and allowed the product to get absorbed for around 15 minutes. April applied a moisturizer, too, as she felt that her dehydration problem needed additional help.


In less than three weeks, April could say that her skin was different. The fine lines on the face and neck were visibly reduced, while her skin looked younger. Her skin’s elasticity was recovered, and April was impressed with the results. 

Today, she recommends this Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum to anyone that wants to rejuvenate their skin. April says she felt her skin getting better after only four nights!


So, if April’s story inspired you, you can start reversing your aging signs today with the help of Swiss Botany’s Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum. To do this, you need to:

Step 1 – Click here to order your first (or next) SWISS APPLE STEM CELL SERUM

Step 2 – Post your results (or questions) in the comments below!

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