How Emily Beat Her Post-Pregnancy Breasts

How Emily Beat Her Post-Pregnancy Breasts

Emily was always proud of her appearance, especially when it came to her bust.

And she never thought she would have a problem when she got older.

But as soon as Emily got pregnant, she started to experience a bundle of physical changes. Her breasts grew larger by the day, while some subtle stretch marks appeared on her smooth skin.

Of course, she thought that after she delivered the baby, everything would go back to normal. 

The problem

To Emily’s surprise, after she had her precious baby boy, her breasts started to look more and more awful. 

By the time her baby reached his three months age mark, Emily felt depressed and unsatisfied about her appearance. Besides the apparent tummy, her breasts looked like they were part of an 80 years old person.

Emily went to an appointment with her medical practitioner. And she was told it was a natural outcome after birth and breastfeeding. The doctor suggested a risky surgery for breast reduction. But Emily despised hospitals, so she declined politely. 

She avoided looking at herself in the mirror, and she was quite ashamed to talk about this with anyone else. 

The Solution

While she was enjoying a well-deserved spa day, her therapist said that her problem is commonly known as "pancake breasts." And that there was an effective natural remedy for it. 

Emily frowned a little, but she hopefully wondered if this could solve her problem.

She took the small piece of paper the lady had given her because she seemed so knowledgeable and kind. On it, it was written the name of an all-natural product from Swiss Botany.

She did some research, read about the ingredients, searched a bunch of forums, and was surprised to find an overwhelmingly positive review of this product.

Emily ordered the smallest bottle of Pueraria Mirifica serum she could find on Swiss Botany’s website. She was determined to give it a try but wasn’t willing to purchase a large quantity.

When the package arrived, Emily read the directions of the product carefully. The manufacturer said it would offer the best results if the serum were applied twice a day. And she did exactly as instructed.

The Results

Each day for almost a month, she poured a bit of serum in her hands. Massaged it gently on her breasts, and focused on small, rounded motions. And she was impressed when after two weeks her breasts started to feel firmer.

From that point on, she analyzed her breasts in the mirror at least twice a week. The results weren’t too visible, but it was clear that a change was happening.

So, Emily went again on Swiss Botany’s website and found the Pueraria Mirifica capsules. Those pills were created with Pueraria Mirifica extract and were meant to offer faster and better results for sagging breasts.

Emily used both the serum and the capsules two times per day. She took a Pueraria Mirifica capsule before her morning and evening meal. And after almost two months of consistently using both products, she almost cried with relief. Her breasts looked better, firmer, and less saggy. Emily felt like she was attractive again!


So, if you are struggling with the appearance of your breasts...

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