How Kim Got Her Confidence Back

How Kim Got Her Confidence Back

Kim was always proud of her appearance, and she never took the time to think about what her skin will need to prevent premature aging. So, she never applied face sunscreen or chose skin care products designed for her skin. 

And she did so until she turned 30. This was the moment that made her realize what a big mistake she made. She was worried about her skin around her eyes, as it was starting to sag and worsening each day. 

At first, she committed to a skincare routine and even added a face moisturizer with SPF protection. This diminished a bit her skin’s dullness but didn’t deal with the fine lines at the corner of her eyes. 

Her dermatologist said that she had a classic Crows Feet condition, and some filler injections could lessen their appearance. Of course, the secret was to use such fillers continuously to preserve its effects. 

Kim wasn’t sure if this was the solution for her, but no one suggested any other alternative.

So, after her first appointment for a filler injection, she felt like this could be an efficient solution. But after 48 hours, Kim noticed that the swelling around the injection point didn’t go away. And what was even more concerning was that her skin around her eyes felt extremely dehydrated.

She went again to her doctor’s office, but she reassured her that side effects are common. Still, Kim wasn’t pleased about the result, and her skin remained bruised for several days. And what was even worse was that her Crows Feet appeared to be worse than it was before the filler injection.

Kim never went for the second appointment for the follow-up injection. She feared this time the bruising and redness wouldn’t go away so quickly and could worsen her skin condition.

A colleague of hers was talking about how she managed to rejuvenate her skin with a natural serum. Of course, this got Kim’s attention, and she researched it.

She discovered that there was a so-called Swiss Apple Stem Cell serum distributed by Swiss Botany. And that it was created to deal with fine lines and Crows Feet. 

Full of hope, Kim ordered the product and read the instructions carefully. She cleaned her skin accordingly and applied the natural anti-aging serum on her face. She allowed it to nourish and heal her skin for around 15 minutes, and after that, she used a moisturizer. Kim repeated this ritual both in the morning and in the evening. And to her surprise, after the fifth day of using this serum, she noticed how her Crows Feet didn’t seem so obvious anymore. 

Kim went on with her new skincare ritual and was pleased that after a month, her skin felt rejuvenated from within. Even her skin imperfections were gone, which made her feel like she was a new person. This natural anti-aging formula healed Kim’s skin from a cellular level. It was moisturized and made her feel and look younger.


And if you want to get the same natural anti-aging results as Kim, here’s what you need to do:

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