How Much Is Too Much Sun?

How Much Is Too Much Sun?

The sun can be very damaging to our skin depending on how long we are in it. While it is essential for us to gain vitamin D, we still have to make sure that we’re not overdoing it and exposing ourselves to lots of rays. Doing so can result in wrinkly and damaged skin. That’s why it’s important that we learn how much sun exposure our skin needs versus how much is too much sun. Learning about these depending on your skin type will help you protect your skin and stay cautious of being out longer than you need to.

Types of Skin

Not all skin types are the same, and depending on which one you have, you might be more tolerant of the sun. Generally speaking, skin that is lighter and fair is less tolerant of the sun than darker skin. This means that the lighter your skin is, the more you should stay cautious of overexposure to the sun’s rays.  On the other hand, if your skin is darker, you may be outside for longer without having to worry about causing damaged skin. It’s important to remember that whether you have fair skin or dark skin, you must make sure to wear sunscreen when you can. Sunscreen will effectively block the sun’s rays so that you won’t have to deal with wrinkly skin.

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The Consequences of Too Much Sunlight

The sun can be too much for you if you’re exposed to it for long. For most people, all the sun you need is just a few minutes up to around 15 minutes. Fair skin only needs a little exposure whereas darker skin can go for a little longer. In each case, our body will use the sunlight to produce vitamin D in the body and keep us healthy. However, exceeding these time limits can be dangerous to our appearance.

So, how exactly do we keep our skin safe from the sun? It’s hard to avoid the sun for the majority of the day and only be exposed for a few minutes. There are several things to keep in mind when trying to protect yourself. Firstly, try not to go outside during noon hours because this is when the sun is at its peak and the most intense. You’ll get more damage if you’re exposed for long during these hours. Another thing to keep in mind is that sunlight through windows can also be damaging, so don’t think you’re safe just because you’re indoors. Wearing long clothing can be protective, but a better way to keep safe is to keep your sunscreen handy. Using sunscreens that are natural, pure, and effective are key to staying protected and enjoying the outdoors. We recommend using our Anti-Aging Day Protect SPF 22 as it’ll keep your skin youthful by acting as a strong barrier between you and the sun. Apply it every day for the best results and you’ll notice a difference in your skin in no time!

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