How Sugar is Aging Your Skin

How Sugar is Aging Your Skin

We all have heard that the foods that we eat can drastically change how we look. This includes the aging process of our skin. One of the worst things that you can eat for your skin is sugar. Here is how sugar is aging your skin much faster than you think. 

 What Happens When You Eat Sugar

When you eat sugar, a lot can happen to your skin. The sugar itself can attach to the skin cells in your body. The sugar helps to break them down and disrupt new growth of skin cells all over your body. This affects the skin cells in the face the most and this is where the sugar starts to break down the cells that help you to hide the fine lines and wrinkles on your face. The sugar that you eat breaks down the collagen and elastin on your face and you will begin to see those wrinkles appearing. 

 Clearly, cutting back on sugar can help us in more ways than one. By cutting back on the sugar, you can also start to look healthier in other places on your body and lose some unwanted weight. Eating at home is important to this process too. When we eat out, we honestly don't know the amount of calories and sugar we are consuming. When we cook at home, we are in charge of what goes into all of the food that we eat. This is why eating a lot of green vegetables is key! Along with eating healthier, wearing more sunscreen is another way to help your skin look younger. No matter where you live, you are exposed to the sun on a daily basis, this is why sunscreen is so important. Apply it in the morning when you leave for work, and after you get off of work. You will be one step ahead of those pesky wrinkles! 

Need Help With SPF?

 We know how important healthy skin is and if you are looking for some SPF help, we have something for you! Our Anti-Aging Day Protect SPF 22 is just what you need to help your skin look young again! With the SPF, your skin is fully protected from the sun's harmful UV rays. You can apply this cream to your skin before you apply makeup and after you have washed your face. It also helps to moisturize your skin to make it look healthy. 

By cutting out sugar and changing your diet, you can slowly start to erase the signs of aging on your face. With a little help from our SPF 22 cream, you will start to see some great results and feel like a million bucks!

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