How Swiss Apple Serum is Extracted

How Swiss Apple Serum is Extracted

You may have heard about the Swiss apple serum for anti-aging that's sweeping the market. Well our guide is going to give the background of how it's extracted.

The anti-aging market may be worth over $191 billion (USD) by 2019.

There are hundreds of thousands of products out there on the market. How are you supposed to know what works and what doesn't?

Stem cells are a hot topic of discussion in the skincare world. Human stem cells aside, plant stem cells have been an even more researched idea. Plant stem cells are easier to research and less costly to study.

It wasn't until Swiss scientists started studying stem cells that people started noticing.

The Apple of Switzerland

The Uttwiler Spätlauber, a type of apple only found in Sweden, is the source of the serum. This particular apple seems keep for long periods of time, but was not very popular because it is very sour. The apple is now so rare it is on the verge of extinction.

Due to it's incredible long-lasting flavor and skin, scientists started studying them. You can check out what these apple stem cells can do for you and your skin.

So, how did these scientists get this serum from a special apple?

Stem Cells and Skin

Let's look into what skin and stem cells have in common.

The innermost layer of skin contains two types of cells:

  • Slow-dividing skin (epidermal) stem cells
  • Quick-dividing stem cells that help replace the lost or dying cells

The process of the main slow-dividing cells outnumbering the quick-dividing ones is the problem. Once the cells are taken over, the appearance and health of your skin starts to decline.

Splitting The Apple

To start the extraction of stem cells from the apple, scientists split into the apple.

Using high-pressure homogenization, the scientists were able to break into the cell membrane. The extract was then mixed with lecithin liposomes to create a serum. The serum is called PhytoCell-Tec Malus Domestica. The extract was basically turned into a topical ointment for study!

Using The Extract

In a study from the Journal of Applied Sciences, Swiss scientists started by using umbilical cord blood. This process was to test the blood's stem cells against the plant ones. Human stem cells are used to treat skin damaging, such as burns.

In the first part of the study, a sample of only 0.1% an extract of Uttwiler Spätlauber stem cells were used. The rapid growth of human stem cells sped by an incredible 80%

Even with a small sample of the apple, cells started growing back quicker!

Seeing The Light

In another part, UV light was exposed to the umbilical cord stem cells. Without the apple stem cells, 50% of the cells died. Yet, with the apple stem cells, only a small amount died.

Of course, this shows how damaging UV light is. With this apple stem cell extract, the damages reduced and many cells were even saved!

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How We Can Help

As you can tell, apple stem cell serums can definitely help with anti-aging and rejuvenating skin. Check out our Swiss Apple Anti-Aging Serum for yourself! Be amazed by how this simple extract can help your skin!

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