How to Enlarge My Buttocks Naturally

How to Enlarge My Buttocks Naturally

How to enlarge my buttocks naturally is yet another commonly asked question among many skincare fanatics like ourselves.

Well, you’re probably reading this letter hoping to find a resounding answer and solution you can implement right away to get a better booty today.

We are here to help you on your journey, so let’s get straight in by first addressing the elephant in the room.

Butt implants and Surgeries

butt surgery

Are there people that have achieved butt enhancement with butt implants and surgeries?

Well, yes and no.

Three things are likely to happen when you opt for butt implants and lifters through surgeries:

  1. Results are not permanent. Usually, users have to replace implants after every decade which means they have to undergo another painful surgery to keep their buttocks in the shape they desire.
  2. More downtime after the procedure. Since butt implants and surgeries are complicated, the recovery time can be anywhere from 4-6 weeks and has been described as a very painful process to undergo.
  3. Can go totally wrong. The implant itself is not as dynamic as one might think. This means that it has one shape and one shape only. Even though the surgery may be successful and you get a bigger butt, it will not look natural. The shape and the size will appear totally “off” and you’ll have to live with that for a while.

Besides, butt implants and surgeries are very costly. Ranging anywhere between $4k-$5k, you might want to think twice before taking on this road to beauty.

Because this article speaks of natural ways to enhance, we’ll leave the complicated issues alone for now and look at a few easy home remedies to achieve a supplier, rounder and bouncier butt naturally.

Home Remedies for Bigger Buttocks

healthy foods


You need to adjust your diet.

Mother nature is truly a blessing. Did you know you can achieve the kind of buttocks and even hips if you adjust your diet in a certain way?

Certain foods are meant to stimulate hormones that are responsible for enhancement thus the effect.

The anatomy of the butt is sheer muscle.

Just like how your gym instructor encourages you to eat foods reach in cereal if you want to build your biceps and triceps, your diet for butt enlargement needs to consist of high carb foods, proteins, and healthy fats. They include:

  • Quinoa 
  • Oats
  • Buckwheat
  • Bananas
  • Eggs
  • Almonds
  • Chicken breast

By maintaining a healthy and natural food dieting every day, what you’re doing is preparing your body to build up the way you like it.


Basic Buttocks Workouts

butt workout

Squats, deadlifts, and kettlebell swings are the perfect butt enhancement exercises that you can incorporate into your day to see visible results in as little as a month.

Remember the butt is a just muscle, so if you can work it well enough, it can become a beauty in itself.

Therefore rolling for a gym membership makes absolute sense. There, you’ll find gym instructors that have vast experience in various workouts and exercises including butt enhancement to help you out in your journey.

Natural Creams for Bigger Buttocks

buttocks enhancer

There are two types of buttocks enlargement creams.

  1. Naturally formulated buttocks enlargement creams.
  2. Chemical formulated buttocks enlargement creams.

As you already know, we are all for natural methods. This is because they are safe and more friendly to the skin than chemical-made products.

So if you do not have the consistency of following a tight diet or the time to go for your gym sessions, you can try natural butt enhancers.

Our favorite is the Bodacious Bum Cream by Swiss Botany.


Shake What ya Mama Gave Ya!

Well, you’ve probably heard that saying before.

However sometimes, what mama gave us, just isn’t cutting it.

That's where enhancements can come in (when every other trick in the book has failed to work)

As mentioned earlier, butt enhancement can be risky if done the wrong way. Surgery has a lot of potential to go wrong (not to mention the cost!). That's why a lot of women are looking to creams as an alternative! 

Unfortunately, the cheap butt enhancement products:

  • Don’t last
  • Usually have harsh chemicals that can do more harm than good
  • Not made in GMP
  • Not trusted by Booty Lifting Experts

At SwissBotany, our Butt Enhancement cream is a superior product trusted by professionals and does the job 99% of the time!

Our butt enhancer cream promotes a booty that is :

  • Shapelier
  • Firmer
  • Higher Lifted
  • Plumper
  • Smoother

Our products are thoroughly tested in different settings, climates, conditions, skin types, and ages and proven safe and effective!

That is because SwissBotany is: Made in the USA | All Natural Ingredients | Safe for all Skin Types | Made in a GMP Certified Factory.

We believe you will love every one of our products, so we allow a refund or exchange for up to 60 days if you are not 100% satisfied.

Grab your Bodacious Bum bottle today and keep shaking that booty, girl.

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