How Vitamin D Deficiency Affects Our Skin

How Vitamin D Deficiency Affects Our Skin
To maintain your healthy skin and stay youthful, you must ensure that you’re getting the proper vitamins and minerals every day. One essential vitamin for your skin is vitamin D. Vitamin D enhances your skin and makes sure it is well nourished. However, a lack of vitamin D can cause your skin to be unhealthy and be deprived of essential nutrients. Learning about how vitamin D deficiency affects our skin can help us recognize the signs and take action to gain better skin as well as better overall health.

How Does Vitamin D Help Us?

Vitamin D helps us with many things to remain healthy. It can help us build strong bones and teeth by enhancing the absorption of calcium. This is important because, without healthy bones, your structure would be weak and even painful. Vitamin D can also help in preventing deadly diseases like cancer and can defend against getting diabetes. A surprising fact is that vitamin D can actually nourish our skin as well. We often hear that vitamin C works great in the skincare industry, however, vitamin D also has several benefits like moisturization of the skin and preventing dry skin.

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Effects of Vitamin D Deficiency

If you have a deficiency in vitamin D, it’s hard to ignore the symptoms. Firstly fatigue is a common sign of not getting enough vitamin D. Especially in the winter time, it could be hard to gain vitamin D from the sun if it’s cloudy all day. You may also experience weak or aching bones since the calcium is not being absorbed properly without vitamin D, so your bones are not strong enough.

Another sign of a lack of vitamin D is a weak immune system. Our immune system helps us fight against bacteria and sicknesses so that we remain healthy. A weak immune system will not be able to defend the body as much and can easily result in getting sick often. If you increase your vitamin D intake, you can help your body become stronger and prevent sicknesses from occurring.

Lastly, a frustrating sign of vitamin D deficiency is experiencing dry and itchy skin. Vitamin can help our skin retain moisture, so without it, our skin becomes dehydrated. This results in white flakes all over our skin and is quite annoying. Your skin starts to look dark and lacks in brightness. This can cause you to look dull as well as negatively affect your mood.


As you can see, lots of the signs of vitamin D deficiency are very apparent and hard to miss. Therefore, if you’re experiencing any of these signs, it’s important to get your vitamin D levels checked and ensure that you’re receiving the proper amount daily. This will help you stay healthy and have a brighter appearance. You’ll also feel more active and regain your physical strength as well as internal strength to fight against harmful diseases. To read more about skin brightening techniques, as well as skin whitening and lightening, check out this article.

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